Dentistry Uniforms

Dental Wear

Simon Jersey provide a broad range of uniform choices for all staff members within a dental practise. For the medical staff within your practise, we have a large selection of medical scrubs and tunics available, which are all made using infection control compliant materials. This helps to ensure the continued safety of both your patients and your staff members each day.

If you’re looking for the right clothing to help your reception and administrative staff present a high-quality and professional image to your patients upon entry, we’re certain to have something that’s perfect for your practise here. Whether it’s a stylish blouse or dress, or a formal suit jacket, we make sure to stock a range of clothing that can help leave patients and the general public with a lasting positive impression of your business.

All our clothing is light weight and designed with ease of wear and comfort in mind at every step, which ensures that our range of uniform options are perfect to help your staff stay cool, comfortable and able to work effectively through the longest of shifts. We also pride ourselves on the durability and hard-wearing nature of our clothing, so you can be sure that buying from our range means you’re buying a uniform that’s built to last.

With both a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, as well as the option of embroidery, our uniform choices are also a perfect way to help create and develop a brand image for your dental practise.


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