A sweatshirt is a fantastic way to add a relaxed element to your uniform that can help keep staff warm while working outside or in a warehouse.

It’s often important to make sure you accommodate staff needs with your workwear. Taking into account changing weather and conditions is key, which is why we are pleased to offer a range of outerwear that can help your staff to work in comfort.

Our sweatshirts are perfect for helping staff to work in different conditions. Benefitting from durable construction and a comfortable design, these sweatshirts can withstand the stresses of work, while helping your staff stay warm during their shift.

As our sweatshirts are often worn outside over the rest of a uniform, it can be beneficial to bring them in line with the rest of your business. Our customisation options allow you to create something that is unique to your business and ensure that wherever they are your staff properly reflect your brand.


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6 Item(s)