Coffee Shop Uniforms

When working in a café or coffee shop, you want to ensure that your staff look professional, approachable, and friendly in order to help your customers feel more welcomed at your business.

Simon Jersey are proud to provide a broad range of clothing and uniform choices which are perfect for cafés and coffee shops. The wide selection on offer is perfect to help you create and present the right kind of image to your customers, whatever style or level of formality you’d like your brand to have. To help create your perfect brand image we have ranges of both bold and stylish patterned shirts and more traditional suiting options.

From breathable polo shirts, to more formal long-sleeve shirts, we’re sure to have something that’s right for your business here. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your uniforms and clothing are built to last, as Simon Jersey take pride in using hard-wearing and durable materials which ensure that your uniform will be able to stand up to the longest shift, while keeping your staff comfortable, however long they’re on their feet.

Our new denim range could also be the perfect addition to your business’s uniform. Whether it’s a pair of our denim jeans to finish off a uniform in a coffee shop, or a sturdy and stylish denim apron to go over a professional-looking café uniform, keeping your staff that much safer, while keeping the rest of the uniform clean, pristine and protected from any unexpected stains or spills, we’re sure to provide something that’s perfect for your business.


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1-24 of 33