Receptionst Uniforms

Having receptionist staff who look eminently professional at all times of the day is a fantastic way to ensure that your business leaves a lasting positive impression on your clients, your customers, and the general public.

Simon Jersey are proud to provide a wide range of uniform choices that are perfect for any business’s reception staff. Whatever kind of image you’d like to present of your business, from a more casual look to a high-end, specialized image, we’ll have something that’s perfect for you here.

From colourful patterned blouses and stylish dresses, to formal shirts and suits, we’re certain to have something that’s right for your business needs, and something that fits in perfectly with the kind of business image that you’d like to present to the public. As well as providing a range of styles and appearances, all our clothes are built to last you through the toughest of shifts. We ensure that we use hard-wearing, durable materials in all of our clothing, which helps your staff stay cool, comfortable and looking as professional as ever throughout any shift.


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1-24 of 40