Veterinary Staff Uniforms

Vets Uniforms

Veterinary practises have certain considerations that should be kept in mind when looking at their uniform needs. Simon Jersey are proud to provide a broad selection of clothing choices which can help you create an effective and professional uniform for any business need.

When taking care of sick and injured animals, the safety of your veterinary staff should always be kept in mind. That’s why our tunics and scrubs can be so useful for a veterinary practise. Made with ease of wear and comfort in mind, and made using infection control compliant materials, our tunics and scrubs can be the perfect way to help keep your staff comfortable and safe while also reducing the risk of cross contamination.

We also ensure that durability is always at the forefront with our products. When buying from Simon Jersey, you can be sure that your uniform will stand up to whatever each shift can bring. We also make sure that our veterinary scrubs and tunics can stand up to rigorous washing cycles at temperatures of 60 Celsius, which is the recommended temperature to kill most microbes and leave your uniform pristine and ready for the next day.

We also provide a fantastic range of clothing for your reception and administrative staff. Making sure your public-facing staff look professional, approachable and friendly can help to reassure pet owners that they’re in good hands, which can certainly help to reduce any stress and worry they may be feeling as their pet undergoes treatment. Our embroidery service can also help your brand shine out from your uniform and help further create a brand image for your veterinary practise.


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24 Item(s)