As part of the bespoke design service at Simon Jersey, we have created iconic award-winning bespoke uniforms for global brands including Emirates Airways, Nandos and ISS Facilities Management, proving that garment design runs through the core of our business.

A well-designed uniform will promote your brand, raise staff morale and will empower employees. Continue reading to find out more about how we create, design, test, construct and manufacture our Simon Jersey garments.


A totally bespoke uniform design begins with a consultation, where we will understand the exact needs of your company. We will scope out the possibility of fit for purpose garments, sourcing the perfect fabrics to use, and manage the feasibility of allocation levels.

We then create workwear garments for the needs of each job role in your organisation, and present designs and fabrics back to you for feedback and approval.


Before we supply you with bespoke Simon Jersey uniforms, everything is thoroughly tested in the UK to ensure all garments meet the highest standards, and that the uniform will perform well for every wearer's needs. This rigorous process guarantees that all garments are made to last.


When we are sure we have found the correct fabrics, the samples are then planned piece by piece by our design experts, and the patterns are constructed. The patterns are then digitised and plotted ready for cutting team to begin hand crafting the first garment.




The cutting team begin pairing the new patterns and fabrics together and your brand new bespoke uniforms start to come to life. Once all the pieces are cut, its over to the sewing team to finalise the design and bring together the finished items.


When we’re happy that we have created the right kind of uniform for you and your business, we will work closely with you to approve and plan how the new designs can be rolled out across your company.

We can also manage wearer trials to ensure your uniform is exactly right – before full production starts. This will test the fit, shape and comfort levels to ensure your employees will enjoy wearing their new uniform or workwear clothing.


Whatever your needs, our experts can steer you in the right direction to develop a uniform that fits perfectly for your business. If cost or time frames are deciding factors, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

We also offer semi-bespoke solutions for a faster turnaround, with tweaks made to your favourite Simon Jersey styles.