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4 Things to Consider When Buying Beauty Uniform

When purchasing uniform for a beauty salon, everyone’s needs will be different, however there are some key things that every beautician or salon owner should consider when deciding what type of beauty uniform they want to invest in. Today at Simon Jersey, we’re going to run down four of the most important elements of a beauty therapist uniform.

1 – Consistency

A great uniform has the power to create a lasting impression on clients, and by having consistency across your whole team uniform, it will ensure a brand image specific to your salon or spa. By choosing colours and styles that suit your brand aesthetic, you can create a truly unique style. For example, if you own a modern, contemporary salon where your brand colours are black and white, you may want to stick to this colour scheme and opt for our bestselling one button tunic in black with matching black trousers for a sophisticated look. Add white logo embroidery to all your beauty tunics to really stick to your monochrome theme. New clients will appreciate the sleek unified look and will have a great first impression of your team.

2 – Comfort

Wearing a beauty uniform all day means that comfort is a major priority when considering workwear. However, needing a uniform that is practical doesn’t have to mean you need to compromise on style! Simon Jersey has a great range of beauty uniforms that are not only made from durable fabric but also look appealing and presentable. Our linen range is a perfect example of fashionable yet functional beauty uniform. The bestselling tunic from this collection is the v neck tunic; with a feminine neckline, lightweight fabric and two front pockets, this beauty tunic is suitable for all types of salons, but works particularly well in spas. All of the linen tunic designs are available in an array of colourways including sage, plum, navy, black and grey.

3 – Personalisation

To make your business stand out from your competitors and add a personal element to your salonwear, you could add personalisation to your beauty therapist tunics. At Simon Jersey we offer a personalisation service which offers embroidery of your logo, staff names and roles on most of our beauty tunics, or screen print onto t-shirt and polo shirts. Having names on your uniform can often help to develop a stronger relationship with clients as it creates a friendly image and opens up communication between clients and therapists. Adding a logo will also make your salon more memorable as lots of big brands rely solely on their logo to promote themselves and it really works! Having salonwear that can easily identify your business is always going to help in expanding your customer base, and existing clients will be more likely recommend your salon if they can easily recognise your business name and a distinctive logo will assist in this.

4 – Team Roles

Finally, you may decide to have different styles or colour of uniform based on your team’s individual roles within your salon. For example, you could have an beauty apprentice or trainee in a classic black asymmetric tunic, but have your senior technicians in a different colour asymmetrical beauty tunic, Simon Jersey has twelve colours to choose from. For your salon managers, a beauty dress may be more appropriate. Our linen dresses would be perfect for this role as they are made from lightweight, comfortable material but still provide a professional look. If you have a clinical aesthetic team that carries out non-invasive beauty procedures, you may prefer white beauty tunics to fit in with the rest of the salon, but still make them stand out as clinical staff to clients.

Need some more work uniform inspiration? Visit our Simon Jersey website to view our full range of salonwear, or give our customer services team a call on 03444 994414 for more advice on how to choose your staff uniform.