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5 Tips for Women Choosing Businesswear

Choosing businesswear can be a difficult task for both men and women. It’s important to create the right balance between professional and stylish without compromising on comfort. Different situations may also require different businesswear, for example, if you are meeting a potential client for the first time you will want to wear something that will give them a great first impression. Today at Simon Jersey we’re going to run down five things as a businesswoman you need to be thinking about when purchasing formal businesswear.

1 – Dress for the Occasion

When it comes to business meetings, statement-making pieces may not make for a great formal outfit, so it might be best to keep bright colours and bold patterns to accessories rather than as the main outfit. First impressions count, especially in business. What you’re wearing is often what people are initially drawn to, and choosing to wear bold prints and colours can be distracting in meetings and has the potential to pull attention away from what you’re saying. We suggest a pair of slim leg Simon Jersey Alderley women’s trousers in classic grey or navy, paired with one of our plain coloured slash neck blouses and topped off with the matching Alderley women’s jacket. A simple outfit that is still flattering, yet professional will work wonders, and due to the high-quality fabric, the Alderley suiting will last wear after wear.

2 – Business Casual Dos and Don’ts

Many companies have a more relaxed approach to uniform and have a relaxed dress code. Finding the right balance between too casual and too formal is tricky. The best way to find a happy medium would be to add a white or blue non-iron shirt to a pair of chino trousers and finish off with a suit jacket and heels. Try to coordinate your jacket with your trousers to get the most out of your business casual uniform, a more expensive tailored style jacket would be best for keeping the professional, sleek look while still being flattering and fashionable.

3 – Skirts and Dresses

You may want to expand your working wardrobe to include feminine pieces with work appropriate dresses and skirts. The dress or skirt you choose should be at a suitable length that is comfortable for you to wear and right for the working environment. Ideally, a skirt back split, like the length of the skirt, shouldn’t go past the knee or hinder movement in any way. All of Simon Jersey’s uniform is designed to be suitable for the workplace whilst still maintaining a fashionable edge. Our ladies work skirts and dresses in each of the Simon Jersey suiting collections are made with our customers in mind so you can be assured that you’re wearing quality products that are designed to be a part of a uniform.

4 – Playing with Colour

Although wearing patterns and bright colours at important meetings can be distracting, wearing them as part of your everyday working wardrobe is a great way to add your personality into your uniform. We have a huge variety of blouse prints, colours and styles, and plan to add more into the range. Our latest launches are the Simon Jersey tie neck capped sleeve blouses for women and the v neck pleat shoulder, with both designs showcasing gorgeous on-trend colours like pastel pink and soft lilac. These women’s work blouses and shirts will lift any outfit and helps to add a personal touch. A printed blouse will depend on your individual dress code and what environment you work in. A subtle print, such as the navy or white birds eye, could be better for a more strict dress code.

5 – Power Dressing

What you wear says a lot about your job role within a business. Generally, the higher the position you hold, the more formal your uniform needs to be, due to responsibilities where you are meeting stakeholders and external bodies. This often means wearing a suit and opting for more tailored businesswear. Women’s suits certainly do not have to look unfashionable, as our new Alderley suit collection shows. We’ve launched a blue stripe and grey check design to go alongside our plain colours. Although these are both patterns, they are simple and won’t look out of place in a boardroom – they just add a little bit of extra style to your professional look. Simon Jersey can provide a full three-piece women’s suit or a selection of two-piece suiting including skirts and dresses as well as slim and straight leg women’s trousers.

If you need any more advice or ideas for businesswear visit our website or give our customer services team a call on 03444 994414