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A Guide to Reopening Beauty Salons: Workwear & PPE Essentials

For those in the beauty and spa sector (and the British public who have suffered DIY hair and beauty disasters over the course of the national lockdown) it’s welcome news that the government has recently announced salons can now reopen and resume most salon services. 

With this in mind, here at Simon Jersey, we’ve created a guide to reopening your salon and how to adapt to the ‘new normal’, including how to keep your beauty uniform clean, how beauty uniforms can help your business thrive and the PPE you need to keep your staff and clients safe.

Which beauty services can resume?

Firstly, let’s look at which beauty services salons can now offer. In accordance with government guidelines, as of the 13th July, beauty services such as manicures and body massages are now free to resume. However, facial treatments are still restricted until further notice in order to maintain a safe distance between beauty therapists and clients and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Some examples of these include:

  • Facial hair waxing or threading
  • Facial skin treatments
  • Eyelash treatments or extensions
  • Dermarolling
  • Dermaplaning
  • Microblading
  • Make-up applications

Whether you’re newly opened or still waiting to resume these salon services, ensuring your beauty salon adheres to the highest hygiene standards and safety protocol is paramount.  

While we know that hand washing and ensuring a sterile environment are crucial, beauty salon uniforms and personal protective equipment are two areas that cannot be overlooked when it comes to keeping both your staff and clients safe. 

How to Keep Beauty Salon Uniforms Clean & Sterile

  • For beauty therapists, hairdressers and all those working in the leisure and spa industry, your uniform is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a clean and safe environment. To prevent the transmission of infection during this period, it’s recommended that each staff member wash their uniform after every working day.

  • To minimise the risk of carrying any infection to and from your place and work and home, it’s also best practice to change into your uniform at work, rather than travel in it. Once your shift has finished, change again at the end of the day so you can put your salon or spa uniform straight into the washing machine when you get home.

  • When you do wash your uniform, it’s also essential to wash it on a high temperature in order to kill any potential contamination from coronavirus and bacteria. At Simon Jersey, our beauty tunics and beauty salon uniforms are made with infection-control compliant fabrics suitable for a 60° wash cycle, so you can rest assured you uniform is thoroughly clean and ready for wear on your next shift.

As well as the hygiene aspect of beauty salon uniforms, a clean, smart and stylish uniform for staff in your salon, spa or hairdressers has several benefits to boost your business:

  1. A uniformed aesthetic plays a large role in creating a great first impression and a professional atmosphere, helping to ensure your salon is a place your clients feel safe and comfortable. This is particularly important during this period, when confidence visiting salons may be lower than usual.

  2. Uniforms can also play a huge role in creating a memorable brand identity and boosting your image. Choosing a consistent colour scheme and stylish design options for staff members not only creates a well-put-together and consistent aesthetic but provides an opportunity to showcase your branding.

  3. A uniform also ensures your staff members feel comfortable and confident whilst working with clients. Creating a uniformed appearance means staff members don’t have to worry about their choice of clothes, can maintain a smart appearance and also ensure the highest hygiene standards.

At Simon Jersey, we have a huge range of beautywear for male and female staff members in an array of flattering fits, stylish necklines and attractive colourways to choose from. Choose a full-colour design from many of our different options, or opt for subtle detailing such as coloured piping. To add a personal touch to your beauty uniforms and further promote your brand, we also provide a personalisation service, through which we can embroider each beauty uniform with branding or individual staff names. 

PPE For Beauty Salons and Hairdressers

Personal protective equipment is vital at the moment to help every person visiting and working in your salon feel safe, respected and comfortable. At Simon Jersey, we have an extensive selection of PPE suitable for salon environments, including full-face visors, disposable and reusable masks, disposable aprons to fit over each uniform and latex gloves. 

For the foreseeable future, PPE is going to remain an extremely important aspect of salon uniforms in the hairdressing, beauty and leisure and spa industries. Now more than ever, it’s very important for salons reopening in this period to build and maintain a strong client base. Investing in full PPE for your staff members ensures that both staff and clients feel safe and sufficiently protected and customers feel confident returning for future treatments. Ensure you’ve stocked up on all the protective gear you need with our full range of PPE, designed to give you peace of mind.

Whichever salon services your business provides, you can find exceptional quality, infection-control compliant uniforms and PPE essentials to ensure that the reopening of your salon is in line with government guidelines and ensures the best possible experience for valued staff and clients. Visit our full range of beautywear for salons and leisure & spa industries to find the perfect uniform to promote your business branding and create a professional, clean and welcoming environment.