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Adding Denim to Your Hospitality Wardrobe

Denim is a timeless classic that goes with any colour scheme and gives a rustic vibe to casual dining businesses. We have a wide range of denim products that would fit your hospitality uniform, this year has seen an expansion of our denim aprons with new colours and styles added to give our customers more unique choices.

As well as plain colours we’ve included a selection of striped denim aprons in two colours: light blue and blue. Both available in short and bib designs, which are perfect if you’re looking to kit out your entire team. You could have your bar staff in the denim striped bib apron, and your serving staff in the short denim striped apron this creates consistency throughout your bar or restaurant.

If stripes aren’t your style, you could always try the plain coloured denim aprons. Simon Jersey’s aprons are made with attention to detail, we not only have lightweight denim aprons but heavyweight options too for brands that need durability and a thicker fabric. The heavyweight denim apron would suit an urban burger style restaurant that relies on its unique appearance and gritty charm.

The lighter weight denim aprons would be more suitable for a business that employs a lot of staff, and has big busy periods meaning the waiters need something light for manoeuvring around the floor. All our denim aprons have contrast stitching for that extra fashionable element, but also all feature pockets to keep its functionality. There are several shades of denim blue to choose from, so you can find something to fit in with your aesthetic.

We don’t just make denim aprons, we also stock denim shirts and jeans. Jeans are a staple uniform item, if you own a casual dining establishment, they are super stylish, and staff will appreciate being given a pair as part of their uniform because they won’t have to wear their own and risk wear and tear. We have both black and blue coloured jeans both of which work with a variety of colour schemes, green and neutral shades are current colour trends that you might want to consider bringing to your uniform both of which look great with black or blue jeans.

The denim shirt would be more of a seasonal piece, this time of year is perfect for breaking out your denim shirts, the design helps to create a cosy vibe that you should be looking for through the Winter. The darker colour blue, brown stitching and collar give this shirt a rustic appearance which is a big trend in hospitality right now, it makes your uniform slightly more interesting than just a plain coloured shirt and shows customers that you take your appearance as a business seriously.

If you really wanted to make denim run from front to back, you could give your kitchen team the pale grey denim chef’s jacket. With all the same features as the plain white chef’s jackets but just with a little bit more style, you might want to consider switching your chefs uniform especially if they are visible to your customers. This creates a great impression and will set you apart from your competition, most kitchens will go for the plain option for ease but by going this extra step further you’ll stick in customer’s memories making them more likely to talk about you to others.

You can check out all of our hospitality uniform on our website, and if you need any more information there’s our customer services team who you can contact on 03444 994414.