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Casual Workwear Essentials

The right uniform can help your staff look the part and feel great, while really emphasising the personality of your brand.

While a formal, professional look can work wonders at creating a high-end or glamorous look and feel, sometimes it’s better for a brand to present itself as more laid back and relaxed. This is where a simple uniform that is much more casual can be beneficial.

We explain what to look for when bringing together a casual look for your employee workwear.

A simple look

A casual workwear look should aim to be simple and uncomplicated. It should allow your staff to feel comfortable and relaxed at work, while conveying a sense of ease, simplicity and approachability to your customers.

Simple, understated garments are perfect for creating a relaxed and casual look. Think about your staff wearing jeans, trainers and a T-shirt – either a plain tee or a polo, for example.

You could use the T-shirt to add a splash of your brand colours to your uniform, while still maintaining a more relaxed look and feel.

A casual uniform is also incredibly versatile. Jeans and a T-shirt can work at any point in the year, while a branded hoodie or fleece can be added if the weather gets colder, or if staff need to work outside, for example.

Branded Polos for Uniform

A casual look for management

You can have different casual looks for different levels of authority within your business.

Management should stand out over other staff to some extent. Not only to highlight authority but also to make it clear to both customers and colleagues who they should turn to for help, should they need it.

You could choose to have your senior staff wear jeans, shoes and a more informal checked shirt, if you wanted to bring a more relaxed, but still quite smart, look to your uniform.

Still standing out to your customers

A casual uniform will often stand out less than a more formal one, especially if your staff are wearing typical day-to-day clothes.

Incorporating an element of branding, either through a personalised shirt, hoody, badge or lanyard, can help make staff easier for your customers to identify.

Consider having at least one element of your uniform to contain a branded element. Either simply through a choice of colour or through a personalised logo on a shirt, name badge or lanyard.

How Simon Jersey can help you create your ideal casual uniform

A casual uniform can help your staff to feel more comfortable and relaxed, which can work wonders on customer service and the level of care customers receive.

We provide a variety of styles and colours across a range of casual uniform options, from shirts and hoodies, to accessories and footwear meaning we can help you to create the perfect relaxed look for your team.

At Simon Jersey, we provide workwear that is:

  • Made with expert knowledge – We’ve got more than 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing uniforms for teams of all shapes and sizes, including some of the world’s best-known brands
  • Easy to care for – our garments are hardwearing and easy to look after, with many of them being machine washable.
  • Tailored to you – We can personalise your uniform with your company name or logo to make your business really stand out

For a great example of stylish casual workwear, which could be perfect for your business, please visit our polo and T-shirts page. Alternatively, request a catalogue by filling in our form, or call a member of our team on 0370 4609 047 to chat about your individual uniform needs.