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Certainty Protective Technologies: Quality Healthcare Scrubs

Certainty Protective Technologies is revolutionising the textile industry, offering a range of benefits to workers in various professions, including healthcare professionals.

For Infinity by Cherokee and Revolution scrubs, the integration of Certainty enhances the functionality and comfort of these work garments. Ultimately, those who choose Certainty garments will benefit in multiple ways.

Simon Jersey offers Certainty-backed Cherokee Infinity and Revolution scrubs, which use technology to improve these leading Careismatic brands. It’s what you’ve come to expect from the UK’s true leader in medical apparel and workwear.

Certainty PRotective Technologies fuel healthcare workwear for Revolution and Infinity by Cherokee scrubs. Both are available at Simon Jersey.
Certainty Protective Technologies fuel healthcare workwear for Revolution and Infinity by Cherokee Scrubs. Both are available at Simon Jersey.

A New Cherokee Innovation

Above all, Cherokee is a global leader in medical workwear. Given their standing, they introduced Certainty Protective Technologies as a means to continue innovating for healthcare professionals.

So what benefits can healthcare practitioners expect from a Certainty garment?

1. Antimicrobial Clothing Properties

Certainty Technologies offer its advanced antimicrobial fabric properties. The fabric experiences antimicrobial agent treatment during the manufacturing process, which helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

This feature is particularly crucial in the healthcare and medical fields, where maintaining a sterile environment is of paramount importance. By wearing Certainty Protective scrubs, healthcare professionals can:

  • reduce the risk of cross-contamination and; 
  • the spread of harmful and unwanted bacteria. 

Thus, antimicrobial technology enhances patient safety and improves overall hygiene standards.

2. Odour Control

Another of Certainty Technology’s many advantages is its ability to control odours thanks to its enhanced fluid barrier technology. The antimicrobial agents integrated into the fabric help neutralise odorous compounds, ensuring that the scrubs remain fresh throughout the day.

Odour-causing bacteria roll off the fabric: quite literally, they bead up and roll right off and resist spills, too. Yet the fabric remains soft and breathable all the while. 

This is especially beneficial for workers in high-activity environments or those who work long shifts. A Certainty garment helps them maintain a pleasant and comfortable working experience. The reduction of odours also contributes to a professional appearance, instilling confidence in both the wearer and those they interact with.

3. Even More Durability

In addition to its antimicrobial and odour-control properties, Certainty Protective Technologies also offers enhanced durability. Scrubs subjected to frequent washing and intensive use can often fade, lose shape, or develop wear and tear.

However, garments that use Certainty Protective Technologies can withstand rigorous conditions, ensuring longevity and extended use. This durability factor:

  • saves money for the workers, and; 
  • reduces the need for frequent replacement.

Cherokee Certainty garments, in short, are a reliable & cost-effective choice for healthcare professionals.

4. Comfort on the Job

Comfort is a crucial aspect of workwear, and Certainty Protective Technologies addresses this concern as well. The fabric’s materials are: 

  • Lightweight;
  • Breathable, and;
  • Moisture-wicking.

Thus, it promotes ventilation and keeping the wearer cool and comfortable even during demanding tasks. 

Stretch fibres in some Certainty versions also allow for increased flexibility and ease of movement. In essence, they cater reliably to the physical demands of the job. Workers who wear Certainty-backed Infinity and Revolution scrubs can focus on their tasks without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. 

As a result, Certainty can enhance productivity and job satisfaction.

5. Easy Maintenance

Furthermore, Certainty Protective Technologies offers easy maintenance.

Certainty fabric can withstand frequent laundering without compromising its antimicrobial and odour-control properties. It resists staining, fading, and shrinking, ensuring that the scrubs maintain their appearance and functionality even after repeated washes. 

This convenience saves time and effort for workers who have busy schedules. Thus, it eliminates the need for special care instructions or extensive garment upkeep.


Adding Certainty Protective Technologies to Cherokee Infinity and Revolution scrubs benefits workers in different industries, especially healthcare and medical settings.

This technology makes work environment safer, cleaner, and more comfortable with its antimicrobial properties, odour control, durability, and easy maintenance. Wearing Certainty Protective Technology scrubs gives workers confidence in their protection, durability, and convenience for their essential tasks.

Certainty Protective Technologies Healthcare Scrubs
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Certainty Protective Technologies Healthcare Scrubs
Now available at Simon Jersey, Certainty Protective Technologies scrubs from Revolution and Infinity by Cherokee offer great benefits to modern medical professionals.
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