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Changing your uniform

The look of your business, and the way your brand is presented to customers often relies quite heavily on the uniform your staff wear.

Sometimes a business needs to change and evolve, either to incorporate changes in structure or to move with the times. But what should you keep in mind should you decide to change your uniform? We highlight the key considerations you need to make.

Updating your image?

Your brand might have relied on a degree of nostalgia, maintaining a look that highlights elements of the past such as an artisan bakery or old-fashioned tea room. Sometimes this can work fantastically for a business but, in other situations, a need to modernise is necessary.

If you want to update your workwear look to move with the times you need to make a decision. Are you starting completely from scratch, or is there room to modernise elements that you already have in place?

For example, you might require your staff to dress quite formally or traditionally if working as waiters. You can completely change the look and feel of your business by making waiting staff dress in a more informal and casual manner, such as using a polo shirt and a small apron.

Or you could modernise the traditional elements with more flattering cuts of shirts and blouses, or updating the choices of accessories to be slightly more modern, such as thinner ties or by including a sash.

Tweaking how you dress your staff, even subtly, can have a huge difference on how your brand is perceived, and also how your staff feel at work. Finding something that they are more comfortable and relaxed in, especially if they have to deal with customers, can reap big rewards.

New brand?

You might be updating your workwear to accommodate a shift in branding. You could have changed your logo and colour scheme meaning you need to adapt your uniform to match.

Your uniform might need a simple tweak, just updating the colour of accessory you encourage your staff to wear. Beyond this you might need to change the colour of a specific item, such a polo shirt or blouse to accommodate the change in branding.

Your brand change could also result in a shift in style. Much like with updating your image you might need to adapt the style of uniform to suit your new branding. Perhaps you are aiming at a different market, or need to present a different image to your clients.

Creating a professional look with a range of tailoring and suiting can help to achieve this, while also giving you a range of flexibility in the styling your staff have access to.

Different cuts and styles of suiting are available to help staff find something they will be comfortable in.

Accommodating new services?

Incorporating new services into your business can mean you need to change your staff uniforms for practical, health and safety related, reasons.

New manufacturing processes or offering installation on your products can mean you need to provide staff with suitable PPE equipment, and perhaps even ensure that your uniform becomes more hardwearing.

You might expand your business in ways that creates new departments. For example, a beauty salon expanding to include new treatments. You might use this as a way to break staff into different teams, handling hair, nails, beauty treatments, etc. Giving them similar uniforms, but colour coded to their department, can help make it easier for customers to find the right people when they need to.

This also has the added bonus of helping to create a stronger sense of team unity, different groups all coming together to work to the benefit of an overall brand.

Helping you to update your workwear look

When choosing to update the look of your staff with a new uniform there is a lot to consider, the reasons behind the change and the styling choices you make can help redefine your brand and breathe new life into your team, helping them feel more confident and ready to engage your customers.

At Simon Jersey, we are proud to provide a range of corporate uniform options that ensure you’re able to create a fantastic uniform that leaves your staff looking and feeling great. Our range of clothing is:

  • Made with expert knowledge – We have 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing workwear of all shapes and sizes
  • Easy to care for – Most of our garments are machine washable and made to last
  • Styled for everyday practicality – We test our fabrics to ensure they provide durability and day-to-day comfort

To find the uniform solutions that are perfect for your business and staff, you can take a look at our range of suiting collections. Alternatively, send us a request for a catalogue or get in touch with a member of our team.