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Cleaning your workwear

cleaning medical uniforms
A uniform is, for many, a symbol of pride and a sign of belonging to something, whether that’s a service or an organisation.

Keeping a uniform clean is important, not only to look nice but also to present the best look you can. And to make the best impression on customers and members of the public, which staff deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Most uniforms can wind up looking pristine after a quick spin in the washing machine. But some might occasionally need a little bit of extra work to ensure they‘re ready for a staff member’s next shift.

Medical uniforms

From clinics and surgeries to hospital wards, medical scrubs and workwear have to be able to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Cleaning medical workwear is crucial to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

It’s recommended that medical uniforms are cleaned at higher temperatures to ensure any traces of germs or bacteria are destroyed. This is why it’s important that medical workwear is made of hard-wearing fabric, not only to handle the strains of shifts on a ward but also to withstand the temperatures involved in effective care and cleaning.


While many modern suits put more emphasis on being machine washable, stain resistant and easy to care for, sometimes it helps to call in professional help.

Having a suit professionally cleaned doesn’t just mean it is washed and given back to you. Other elements, such as re-ironing creases and pressing the suit, are also usually carried out. This can be the extra little bit of TLC a uniform needs to return it to a pristine condition.Cleaning suiting workwear

With suits that can be machine washed, this isn’t always something to consider. But every so often, having a suit cleaned professionally can almost leave it feeling as good as new.

Kitchen uniforms

Working in a kitchen subjects staff to heat, sweat, splatters and stains. All combined, this can lead to a uniform that desperately needs cleaning.

Kitchen uniforms, made from stain-resistant materials, can withstand a lot of the wear and tear that their working environments subject them to. Modern chef whites, for example, are designed to be resilient – resisting stains while being easy to clean.

Protective Restaurant Uniforms

Because of this stain resistance, many chef and kitchen uniforms are machine washable. However, older uniforms might still require professional cleaning to help keep them looking their absolute best.

How we can help put together the perfect easy to maintain uniform

Keeping a uniform clean is, thankfully, becoming much easier. But by keeping key considerations about the right uniform and its care in mind, you can bring together a workwear look which your staff and customers will love, and will be hardy enough to see your team through even the toughest day of work.

At Simon Jersey, we pride ourselves in providing workwear that’s:

  • Easy to care for – Most of our garments are machine washable and made to last
  • Created with expert knowledge – We have 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing uniforms
  • Styled with everyday practicality – Our fabrics are tested for durability that provide comfort and look good all day, every day

To find out more about just a portion of our hardwearing, professional workwear visit our healthcare web page, request a catalogue by filling in our form, or speak to a member of our team.