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Consider This: Healthcare Uniform

A well designed healthcare uniform serves a functional purpose, and at Simon Jersey we appreciate how conducive to a medical environment good workwear is. We’ve outlined the most important features of our healthcare tunics, dresses and scrubs, and invite you to consider these points when buying healthcare uniforms for yourself or your team.

1 – Fabric

All of our healthcare dresses, tunics and scrubs are crafted with infection control compliant material. This keeps your uniform hygienic when working on the wards, preventing the spread of infections to patients and other members of staff. You can do your job safe in the knowledge that you’re not carrying unwanted germs on your uniform.

2 – Design

Our Simon Jersey healthcare tunics are made with a concealed zip fastening to prevent snagging, catching and scraping while attending to your patients. The side vents provide extra breathability and ease of movement, while the two front pockets and two insert pockets are handy for carrying nursing essentials. We understand that healthcare professionals are on their feet for long shifts and comfort is a big box to tick when choosing medical tunics, scrubs and medical dresses.

Our healthcare dresses have a similar design to the healthcare tunics and come in a wide selection of colours and contrasting trims. The most popular colour combination is navy with white trim, and this is typical of most NHS uniforms, but is also used in the private sector. Often the colour of your tunic reflects your position on the ward and we carry so many colours you can find healthcare uniform for the whole hospital with Simon Jersey.

3 – Price

We know that a major factor in deciding your staff uniform provider is price. All of our classic collar healthcare tunics are £11.99 (ex VAT), which is one of the lowest prices in the market. Our healthcare dresses retail at a reasonable £14.99 (ex VAT) and our smart scrubs are £25.98 (ex VAT) for a full set. The Simon Jersey uniform prices reflect the quality of design, fabrics and design components used to create each piece.

4 – Role

The healthcare profession which requires uniforms will also affect your choice of workwear. For example, if you are buying a set of healthcare tunics for a veterinarian practice you may want to stay away from the traditional navy and white healthcare uniform, and instead opt for a bottle green tunic to fit with recognised industry uniforms. This also applies to roles within a hospital or GP practice as we know that different roles require different a uniform; a staff nurse will need a hospital blue and white tunic or dress, while a lead nurse will need a navy and white tunic or dress. This will work with department differentiation as well, so if you have several departments under one roof it may be a good idea to colour code these. It will make it easier for patients to know who to contact depending on which service they require, cutting out confusion and waiting.

Not all healthcare staff will be required to wear a medical tunic as receptionists will often wear a plain coloured or print blouse with a pair of trousers or a skirt. One of our bestselling healthcare blouses is the navy shards print, which would look great paired with our contemporary skirt or trousers in blue. If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, we suggest the new violet or plum blossom slash neck blouse. This print is perfect for summer and the fashionable design will keep you team happy and feeling comfortable in their uniform. 

The appearance of a healthcare provider is crucial in developing a good rapport with patients or clients. Patients put a lot of trust in their doctors and nurses, and a professional appearance will reassure them that they are in safe, competent hands. Bright colours and bold prints portray a friendly welcoming image, while different coloured medical tunics indicate job roles and departments. With Simon Jersey healthcare uniforms and workwear you can be assured of a great investment in the positive representation of yourself or your healthcare team. Browse the healthcare uniform range today for plenty of design options to suit all levels.