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Creating a corporate uniform look that works all year round


When putting together a uniform for your staff, there are a large variety of options to choose from that provide a good mix of practicality and comfort throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking for casual comfort, or unbeatable high-end style, we explain how to put together a staff uniform that works for all seasons.

Keeping it simple

The core of your uniform can be quite easy to put together. The process you go through putting the uniform together will likely relate to what kind of industry you are in and the kind of image you’d like to present to your customers.

For example, if you are in the retail industry, your staff will likely be indoors throughout their shift, making extremes of temperatures something that you don’t necessarily need to worry about.

This can let you create a look that offers a balance between casual style and comfort.  A pair of our polywool trousers combined with a unisex polycotton polo shirt is an effortlessly simple combination that will keep staff comfortable through the longest shifts. The wide range of colours available, alongside our embroidering service, allows you to create a uniform that’s in line with your business’s image and brand colours.

This could also apply to a business where your staff don’t interact with customers in person, such as in a call centre, or an accounting firm, for example. A short sleeve shirt in your brand’s colour can keep staff comfortable while still encouraging a sense of brand unity.

If you’d like your supervisory team to stand out a little more, whether that’s in a retail environment or a restaurant, for example, you could add some simple touches such as a decorative sash that only supervisors wear. This can help co-ordinate your team and help customers identify staff who may best be able to help with queries, while still keeping the core of your uniform the same. 1

Upping the formality with suiting

A suit provides a wide range of uniform options for any business. If you’re looking to present a luxuriously professional and high-end image to anyone who walks through the door, then a three-piece suit will be a fantastic uniform choice for the whole year.

For example, if your business is built around exclusive fine dining or you work in a high-end hotel, a suit can help your staff feel as sophisticated as they look, while further reinforcing your business’s attitude towards professional appearance and exceptional service.

A suit is highly versatile, elements can be added or removed based on the season and the temperature. For example, in the warmer months, you could opt to remove the jacket, but still have the waistcoat on, which helps your staff keep comfortable, without sacrificing any of the professional look. 2

Helping you create an effective uniform for your staff

Having a uniform that is versatile enough to see you through the whole year is beneficial to both your business and your staff. A good uniform will keep your staff looking professional and comfortable at all times, while leaving a good impression on all your customers.

At Simon Jersey, we are proud to provide uniform essentials that:

  • Can be personalised for your team– We can personalise your uniform with your company name or logo. Just send us the details and we’ll handle the rest
  • Are on-trend, stylish and practical – We translate current trends into comfortable workwear, which looks good all day, every day 
  • Have been made with expert knowledge – We have 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing uniforms across the hospitality sectors

To learn more out about the range of uniform clothing we can provide for your business, take a look at our Businesswear Collection page. Alternatively, send us a request for a catalogue or get in touch with a member of our dedicated team.