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Creating a corporate uniform with longevity

A corporate uniform should provide a professional, smart and striking look, which fits with a business’s brand and serious tone, while allowing employees to continuously appear on top form for colleagues and clients alike. But with corporate offices coming with long and demanding days, staff business wear should also come with longevity.

So what should you consider to provide a uniform that achieves the right look and lasts? We explain what to keep in mind when creating a corporate uniform with longevity.

How your corporate business wear can achieve longevity

When it comes to creating a corporate uniform that will bring longevity, there are different things the clothing should achieve to ensure it lasts and retains the smart look you’re striving for. It should be:

  • High quality – such as a rich thread count to maintain a good, lasting look, or abrasion tested to provide optimum performance
  • Hard working – for instance, stain and spill resistant to continue working during those long days in the office
  • Durable – such as two-fold yarns in threads to increase strength and lasting quality
  • Easy to care for – for instance, machine washable and crease resistant

By selecting clothing that achieves these things, you can create a good corporate look that lasts, whether that’s your choice of suiting, shirts and blouses, or accessories. Charcoal womens suiting uniform

Quality suits with longevity

It’s wise to select tailored suiting for your male and female team that’s made from high-quality and crease-resistant fabric, like polywool lycra. This can also consist of a rich thread count, with two-fold yarns in each thread, to improve performance and durability. Suits that are machine washable, and are designed with stain-resistant materials, are also ideal for staff working in a busy corporate environment with deskside coffees and client lunches.

A sophisticated one-button or two-button charcoal jacket, teamed with a skirt or slim leg trousers, made from polywool lycra with Teflon, could work well for ladies in a corporate team. For men, modern suiting designed with the same quality fabrics, like a modern fit two-button charcoal jacket, with modern fit flat front trousers, could also provide a long-lasting, striking image.

Long-lasting shirts and blouses that stand out

It’s a good idea to team your high-quality suits with shirts and blouses made from luxurious and durable materials, such as 100% cotton herringbone fabric. Blended fabrics, such as cotton and polyester, are also ideal for the everyday long hours of a demanding corporate lifestyle.

For your male staff, you could choose a classic white or lilac long sleeve shirt with a cutaway collar, made from 100% cotton herringbone, to maintain a high-quality corporate look. Or the females in your team could wear an elegant 100% cotton short sleeve, open collar, teal blouse for a quality look that lasts, or an easy-care, smart white polyester and cotton, long sleeve blouse styled with a classic collar.   

Prestige Herringbone shirt blouse

Other clothing and accessories to consider when creating your corporate uniform 

  • Quality court shoes for women or classic brogues for men to provide continuous stability
  • Durable 100% polyester striped ties for male team members, or cool crepe scarves for women, to add a finishing touch that meets your corporate brand image
  • Strong and supportive black leather belts styled for men and women
  • Resilient, square metallic or silver cufflinks for men that complement a striking look

Helping you put together a corporate uniform that lasts

Creating a corporate uniform with longevity is about putting together a professional look from clothing that brings sophistication and is easy to care for, and is made from high-quality, hard-working, durable fabrics.

At Simon Jersey, we pride ourselves in providing corporate business wear that is:

  • Designed for everyday practicality – Our comfortable fabrics are tested for durability to look good every day, all day
  • Created to provide easy care – Many of our garments are machine washable and designed to last
  • Made with expert knowledge – We have 45 years of experience providing quality uniforms for many business sectors

If you’d like take a look at our selection of high-quality corporate business wear, including our impressive suiting collections, please visit our Business Wear and Corporate Suiting web page. Alternatively, request a catalogue by filling in our form or contact us to speak to a member of our dedicated team.