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Creating the right workwear look for your restaurant

Restaurants thrive when they create the right ambiance and first impression for their patrons.

The right menu and the right decor are part of the equation, but the right look for your staff, both in the kitchen and front of house, can make all the difference. So what should you

keep in mind when you design the look for your team uniforms?

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen staff wear an instantly recognisable uniform: chef’s whites, trousers and footwear designed to protect the feet and also allow for lengthy periods on their feet during service.

If you have an open kitchen, meaning customers can see in and see the chefs at work, having the right style of chef’s whites or apron can help to accentuate the overall look of your restaurant.

For example, if you run an Italian restaurant with a focus on rustic, traditional meals, then it might be worthwhile having a simple, traditional chef’s tunic, potentially even coupling this with a traditional striped apron to create a welcoming and easily recognisable look for your kitchen staff.

In a high-end restaurant, you might opt for something more out of the ordinary, perhaps forgoing the traditional white uniform for a grey or denim look. This helps your kitchen staff to still look the part but in a way that patrons might not necessarily be used to, helping them to stand out and be memorable.

Front of house

Much like your kitchen staff, the front of house and waiting staff can add to the overall look and feel of your business.

From creating an air of high class sophistication with tailored suiting, shirts, blouses and trousers. To creating a more relaxed atmosphere with polo shirts, jeans and simple denim aprons.

Your front of house staff are the public facing aspect of your team, and how they look goes a long way to defining how your business is viewed.

When choosing their uniform, much like with your kitchen staff you should consider the look of your restaurant and the sort of menu you offer. It might sound strange, but matching your uniforms to the feel you want to give your customers can enhance their dining experience.

For example, if you run a gourmet burger restaurant, you might want staff to look relaxed, but they should also stand out as waiting staff. Black shirts and trousers can provide a simple, semi-formal look that can keep them comfortable but also recognisable.

If you wanted a much more relaxed experience for your customers, the best way to help your staff stand out is with the right accessories. A branded apron for example is a great way to help your staff stand out while helping them to be comfortable and relaxed in their own clothes or in an informal uniform comprising of a plain or patterned t-shirt, jeans and trainers. You could then add a simple jumper or hoody to the uniform in winter.

How Simon Jersey can help you find the perfect staff uniform?

Creating a uniform look for your staff, which helps you create the perfect look and feel in your restaurant, isn’t as straightforward as many people would think. You have to consider the tone and ambiance you want and create something that helps your staff not only look the part but will also create the right impression with your customers.

We provide a variety of styles and colours in our workwear options, meaning we can provide the perfect uniform for your business.

At Simon Jersey, we provide workwear that is:

• Easy to care for – Most of our garments are machine washable and made to last
• Made with expert knowledge – We’ve got more than 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing uniforms for teams of all shapes and sizes, including some of the world’s best-known brands
• Tailored to you – We can personalise your uniform with your company name or logo to make your business stand out to all who see you

For a great example of hard-wearing, comfortable workwear, perfect for any modern restaurant, please visit our modern hospitality page. Alternatively, request a catalogue by filling in our form, or speak to a member of our team on 0370 4609 047 to chat about your individual uniform needs.