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Dress Your Team For A Successful Festive Season

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We’re sure that you’ve been busy taking bookings for months, but have you considered your team’s uniform for this Christmas?

The festive season is the time when customer expectations are at their highest. They’re ready to enjoy a long-awaited meal or overnight stay with friends and family and they’re looking for a top-quality experience from the moment they walk through the door.

First impressions are formed within just a few moments, which means it’s crucial that your team looks the part with a stylish and well-fitting uniform that helps enhance your brand. The way people are dressed says a huge amount about where they work, and it’s startling just how much customers notice the details and form their perceptions based on what they see.

To find out how much emphasis customers place on uniform we surveyed 2,000 people on their opinion about uniforms. We discovered that 40 per cent had tipped less or refused to tip someone at all because they looked scruffy.

Meanwhile, 20 per cent said that they’d be more likely to tip if the person looking after them was smartly dressed. With a quarter of people also saying they tip more over the Christmas period there’s a clear advantage to both staff and venue to having a high-quality team uniform.

Now is the ideal time to begin thinking about uniform, whether that’s stocking up on your existing uniform for seasonal staff or taking the opportunity to create a whole new look for your full team, before the festive season gets into full swing.

At Simon Jersey we’ve got a wide range of modern hospitality uniforms including co-ordinating pieces for everyone from front to back of house.

If you’re looking for a new uniform ahead of the festive season for your hotel, restaurant or bar you can currently benefit from 20% off. Simply shop online or over the phone, quoting HOSPITALITY20 until 6th November 2016.