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Healthy New Year to You

You may have enjoyed a glorious two weeks off work, or completed the night shift while others celebrate Christmas and New Year. However you have spent the holiday season, the New Year brings with it new opportunities and experiences, and we want to get your mind and body ready for 2020. So check out our tips to recharge and invigorate you pre-work.

Say good morning with a good stretch

Whether waking for a 9-5 day, or a nightshift day sleep, it is important to gently wake the body up. Taking five minutes to stretch can be a great way to start your day. Delicate stretches from top to toe can remove any tension built up through the night and fire up energy levels. Calm movements will improve blood circulation around the body so simply hold the stretches for around 30 seconds, with controlled breathing to awaken the senses.

Rehydrate the nights dehydration

Through the sleep period, dehydration levels can peak as so little water is consumed. In the morning, try to sip through a full glass of water to feel refreshed through the body and mind (remember, the brain can get dehydrated too!) Not only will it soothe a dried out throat it will awaken the muscles and mind ready for the day.

Get moving

Did you know that 30 minutes is just 2% of your day? Use that 2% wisely and get the body moving! A brisk walk is a great way to wake up the body from a night’s sleep, not to mention the perfect opportunity to take in some fresh air. If a morning outing is not an option, leaving your desk for a short time at lunch is a good way to reset the mind, and release any tension from sitting down all morning. You will feel refreshed and ready for the afternoon. 

Kick start the metabolism 

A solid breakfast will set you up for whatever the day has ahead. Breaking the overnight fasting period and replenishing glucose supplies, reaching for a healthy option can ensure energy levels are up throughout the day. Whole grain cereals and bagels with fresh toppings pack a punch and a handful of fruit will perk you up. If you need something on the go, a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie is a quick breakfast to consume on the commute. 

Set your intention

A good day starts with a good intention, so make sure you have a clear goal for the day. It might be to clear your overflowing inbox, arrange the team away day, or simply to get the food shop done. Whatever your intention for the day, keeping this as the main focus and the completion will help you fill accomplished.

So why not try some of our top tips for feeling fabulous in the morning and let us know how you get on. Better yet, follow us on Instagram and let us know your energising tips.