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How to Build Brand Identity Through Uniform

As a business owner or manager, you should be looking to create a unique identity through your brand aesthetic. A key element of your brand is how your staff wear their uniform and how that reflects your business values. We are going to look at how to brand your hospitality and beauty business effectively in this post.

If you run a coffee shop you might want to create a relaxed vibe, with upcycled furniture and neutral tones, whereas if you manage a modern wine bar you may want a sleeker look with a more formal uniform. To create a memorable business, you need to create a working wardrobe that compliments your service and ensure a customer’s first impression of you is positive. Continue reading for our top tips to help you build the best possible brand identity for your business. As experts in creating uniforms Simon Jersey know how to put together a stylish workwear look that will work for your brand.

Hospitality –

Competition in hospitality has never been fiercer and brand identify is key to successfully positioning yourself in the market. Tailoring your workwear to how you want your business to be perceived is part of the process, and you must also consider what sets you apart and makes your brand unique. A casual dining restaurant may benefit from serving staff reflecting the environment, by wearing jeans, t-shirts and canvas aprons as part of their uniform.

Our range of canvas aprons teamed with a pair of blue denim jeans and one of our new brown and navy checked shirts would be perfect for a large café, restaurant or bar with a rustic décor. Whilst a simpler uniform consisting of a pair of our slim leg trousers, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a short apron with a front pocket would suit a smaller bar or family run restaurant.

You may want to mix you uniform up slightly and have your servers in short aprons, and your runners or bar staff in long length bib aprons. Another way to coordinate your team’s uniform could be to separate by shirt, dressing differing job roles in different colour or prints, this is a good way to subtly point out team leaders to customers, and make your uniform aspirational to your staff.

The next stage in building a brand identity is adding your logo. Most hospitality businesses now have their logo or brand name, taking pride of place on their uniform, this makes it easier for customers to identify who works there and gives an impression of what kind of place you can be expecting to visit. For example, a script style font can indicate a fine dining restaurant or upscale bar while a block type font can represent a bar and grill style restaurant or modern wine bar. Simon Jersey offers embroidery on most of our garments, including aprons which are the most popular hospitality items for customers to embroider.

Beauty –

In a salon you’ll want to build you brand identity around your range of services and aesthetic. We know how important your appearance is to you, so we suggest going with your brand colours when choosing beauty tunics, this is the easiest way to create a cohesive style that will promote your brand aesthetic.

The best way to highlight all the services you offer would be to allocate different tunics to different departments, for example you could have your nail technicians in our one button tunic, your masseuses in one of our linen tunics and your hairdresser in the classic asymmetric tunic. This way you can build a brand identity focused on how you can provide all beauty services in one salon, or you could choose to select the same tunic in 3 different colourways.

By crafting your brand uniform as part of your identity you can create loyalty, customers are more likely to trust a business that wears professional clothing that they can easily identify. Once your brand is out there your staff will act as an advertisement for your business, creating interest and potentially bringing in new clients.

To take your business to another level you need a brand identity, and part of that identity must be in you uniform. Simon Jersey uniforms can help you create the perfect working wardrobe to not only compliment your business but grow your business also. Visit our website to browse our entire workwear range, or if you’re in need of extra assistance ring our customer services team on 03444 994414.