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How to Wear and Care For Your Face Mask

Phone, keys, mask. We might’ve got to grips with facemasks being on our daily checklist, but do you understand how to wear and care for your facemask properly? 

According to YouGov, Just 13% of reusable mask wearers are washing them frequently enough, and in the right way and just 44% of us are throwing their single-use disposable face masks in the bin after one wear.

As we come out of the second lockdown, we thought it’d be useful to recap the protocol on wearing face masks. The purpose of wearing a face mask is to help slow the spread of coronavirus to others, rather than to protect yourself. 

How to wear your disposable face mask:

  • Wash or clean your hands with antibacterial gel before you put your mask on and when you take it off. 
  • Make sure it covers both your nose, mouth and chin to protect others effectively.

You shouldn’t wear a mask if it is damaged, wet or dirty. Disposable face masks should only be used for single-use and are not washable.

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69% of people opt to wear a reusable washable mask, which is better for the environment, can be more comfortable and more fashionable.

 How to clean a washable, reusable face mask:

The world health organisation advises that face masks should be cleaned daily with soap or detergent and should be washed at 60 degrees or higher – lower temperatures are not enough to kill viruses like COVID-19.

Therefore, we recommend you have multiple face masks so they can be on rotation through the week.

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