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The Impact of Colour on Your Marketing

Ever wondered why Coca-Cola’s brand logo is red, and why Starbucks’ is green?

A study revealed that 90% of snap judgements made about brands are based on colour alone, so it really is important that you get it right.

Social Media Today found that:

  • Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%
  • Colour improves readership as much as 40%
  • Colour can be up to 85% of the reason people decide to buy

Colours and emotions

Whilst colour can be dependent on personal experiences, the kind of emotion you want to convey should influence your colour choice when it comes to branding.

If you want your customers to feel like you are a trustworthy business like HP, NASA, or Oral-B, blue might be a good choice. Or if you would like to give customers a sense of excitement and youthfulness similar to Coca-Cola or Virgin, red may be for you. Brands can sometimes cross between two traits, but they are mostly dominated by one. High fashion clothing feels sophisticated, camping gear feels rugged.

However, it is worth taking in to consideration the inaccuracy of making broad statements such as “brown means rugged.” The context is missing. For many rugged brands, such as UPS, this is true, almost every chocolate advert you’ve seen will probably have been very brown too… we expect this is more to stir your appetite than make it look rugged though!

Colour preferences by gender

A study by Microsoft’s senior user experience manager, Joe Hallock, shows some very clear colour preferences across genders.

We tend to think of pink as a feminine colour and blue as masculine however, you can see from the images below taken from Hallock’s study that this is not true when it comes to branding.

hallock 03

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