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Keep, Recycle, Charity – Spring clean your wardrobe

Does your wardrobe leave you feeling overwhelmed? The thoughts of opening the doors with the threat of being knocked out by a stray shoe scare you? If this rings a bell, it is time to refresh your wardrobe. 

Spring maybe a few months away in the UK, but getting a deep clean of your wardrobe in early can mean the difference between an easy outfit morning compared to a physical fight with your clothing.

If decluttering your wardrobe is on the cards, read on for handy tips to help the process. 

Pull everything out

When we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING. Create three piles labelled ‘Sell’, ‘Recycle’ and ‘Toss’ and begin to sort the items into the relevant piles.

Keep – Those everyday timeless pieces you reach for again and again. 

Recycle – Throw anything that is unworn, ripped or stained into a bin liner.

Charity – Items that you don’t wear, but are in good condition should be in this pile (think clothing you haven’t worn for over a year is taking up space and generating dust).

Make sure you try on items as you go – you may have changed a dress size or feel something isn’t your style by re-wearing. 

Once you have your piles sorted, the ‘Keep’ items can be hung ready to go away, the ‘Charity’ items can be bagged to be taken the shop of your choice, and the ‘Recycle’ items can be taken to your local Regain collection point for a sustainable second chance of life.

Continually editing

As one item goes into your wardrobe, make sure you remove one out. Remember to either recycle or toss away depending on the condition of the garment. This will ensure that getting dressed every day is that little bit easier.

Skip the landfill

For those clothing items that are no longer wearable make sure they go back into the clothing lifecycle for a new lease of life. Simon Jersey is proud to be partnered with the ReGain app which makes it easy for unwearable clothing to be recycled. To find out more about how to recycle clothing, read our blog that gives the full breakdown.

Help out your local charity

Charity shops are often desperate for high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories, so give those well cared for items the opportunity to go to another home. Bag them up securely and take them into a variety of shops so many charities can benefit from your donation.

Time to organise what is left

With your ‘Keep’ pile ready to go back into the wardrobe, get everything hung onto the correct hangers; Coat, skirts and trousers, before placing back into the wardrobe. Group all items together by category and then by colour (so satisfying). 

Grab some boxes 

Boxes are great for belts, socks and underwear. Use internal boxes in drawers to keep these nicely tidied away. Roll belts up and pair socks together to easily grab what you need. 

Finally… Shoes

Keeping shoes in their original boxes is the best way for them to stay clean and tidy. If the boxes are cardboard this will keep them fresh as they will be able to breathe. For extra efficiency, stick a photo of the shoes on the outside of the box so you can easily grab the style you are after. 

Feel good!

Once complete, step back and admire your finished work!

What are your wardrobe refresh ideas? Do you complete a spring clean every year? Let us know how you manage your wardrobe on our Instagram page.