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Making the most of your new uniform

Ensuring that your uniform lasts for a long time is good for your pocket and good for the environment. But what’s the best way to make sure you get the most amount of wears from your workwear? We’ve created the following guide to help you care for your new uniform…

1. Wash at 30 – Whether your uniforms are washed at work or at home, it’s worth recommending that everyone reduces the temperature of their wash. The majority of our uniforms are machine washable at 30 degrees, reducing the amount of energy needed and saving a little money on bills. Check the product description to ensure your team are washing in the most efficient way.

2. Don’t use fabric softener – Did you know that fabric softener can reduce the lifetime of your clothes? It builds up over time, causing whites to yellow and reducing both the breathability and moisture wicking properties of certain fabrics.

3. Remove stains immediately – Spills and mishaps will always occur, especially if you work in hospitality or beauty. You can reduce the impact of a stain by taking care of it as soon as you can. Providing some basic stain removing equipment at work, plus a couple of spare uniforms, could really help your team look after their uniform.

4. Iron at the lowest possible temperature – Because we want your team to always look smart we make our garments easy care where possible, requiring minimal ironing at a low temperature. Always remember to iron on the reverse to reduce the risk of scorch marks and keep the garments looking smart.

5. Provide enough uniform – Reduce the amount of washing needed and prevent wear and tear by ensuring staff have enough uniform to get them through the week. We can provide tailored advice, but generally it should be three tops (one being worn, one in the wash and one in the wardrobe) plus two pairs of trousers or two skirts.

6. Buy from a uniform specialist – Of course we would advise this! But there are some very good reasons for buying from a company like Simon Jersey. We consider who will be wearing our garments and the tasks they do as part of their job in our designs and fabrics. We extensively test our fabrics for strength and durability and use the best technology and construction methods, ensuring that our garments last much longer than a high street equivalent would in the same situation.

7. Recycle – Most recycling centres and supermarkets now have clothes banks where clothes can be donated. Those that can no longer be work can be recycled, while others could be resold. Make your team aware of the nearest locations and make sure your uniforms don’t end up as landfill.