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NHS Blood & Transplant – Case study

We recently designed a brand-new uniform for national blood donation teams working on behalf of NHS Blood & Transplant

Working collaboratively with senior management we developed a tunic in a teal colourway, using an innovative new fabric choice. It is being rolled out to donor carers in a bid to make it easier for donors to differentiate between them and nursing staff.

The fabric we have chosen is more comfortable and lighter in weight than traditional tunics. Importantly, while the fabric is less heavy than standard material the finished tunics are still washable at 60 degrees, infection control compliant and guaranteed to last for at least two years.

Michelle Tunstall, Simon Jersey head of brand, said: “It is important that patients receiving any kind of care are able to easily differentiate between people who are treating them. The new tunic that we’ve designed makes donor carers easy to recognise, yet the whole team looks unified as we supply them embroidered with the NHS Blood & Transplant Service logo.”

Katrina Davies, matron for the nursing and care quality team, said: “As well as demonstrating a clear difference in job roles we needed a uniform that our donor carers would enjoy wearing. Blood donation sessions can be extremely busy and we needed a tunic that they would be comfortable wearing all day.

“Working collaboratively with Simon Jersey has meant that we’ve got a uniform that ticks all the boxes for comfort, longevity and practicality.”

To find out more about our managed account service call the team on 03444 994414. Or find out more about donating blood visit www.blood.co.uk