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Recycle for rewards

At Simon Jersey we are passionate about creating a sustainable future so we are taking steps to ensure we are an environmentally friendly retailer through our practises and product.

We are pleased to announce that we are in partnership with the app ReGAIN that allows you to turn your unwanted clothes into discounts to save on your next Simon Jersey order.

ReGAIN provides a solution to one of the largest environmental problems, vast amounts of textiles becoming waste. Did you know that 50 trailer-loads of unwanted clothing gets taken to UK landfills every day?

Want to know how you can help? Read on…

You can make a difference by turning your unwanted clothes into discount vouchers. 

Get started

Download the reGAIN app via the App Store or Google Play:

Step 1: Put a minimum of 10 unwanted clothing items in a bag or box. (Remember, you can recycle your old Simon Jersey uniform!)

Step 2: Print your free shipping label and drop it off at your nearest drop off point.

Step 3: Unlock your discount vouchers to use at multiple retailers including 20% off Simon Jersey!

So what will ReGAIN do with your unwanted clothing?

Reused: 70% of the global population are second-hand market customers when it comes to textiles. Other people need your clothes more than landfill does!

Recycled: Damage textiles will be reused for new clothes and industrial purposes.

The smallest of changes can have the largest impacts so every day we are improving what we do to be a more sustainable company. 

At head office, we have reduced our energy use by 23% and reduced our paper use by 33%. 0% of our waste goes to landfill, and our despatch boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard.

We are soon to launch the first of many sustainable clothing brands on-site, followed next year with a recycled polyester range.

We are confident that together we can work towards a sustainable future.