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Seasonal workwear trends to try this autumn and winter

Autumn Winter Workwear Uniform Trends

Your staff uniform doesn’t need to stay the same from season to season. You can adapt it or make small or big changes to keep it fresh and in line with the latest seasonal fashion trends. Here are some seasonal workwear ideas to think about to ensure your uniform still delivers to the end of 2017 and beyond. 

Why following seasonal fashion trends can benefit you 

There are many different reasons why updating your uniform to keep on top of current season fashion trends can be a benefit for you and your staff. For example, a good and fashionable uniform can:

  • Help you stand out more to customers or clients and from your competitors
  • Make your company look fresh, current and relevant, creating the idea that you’re leading the competition and not stuck behind it
  • Show you have your eye on the ball when it comes to the latest business trends, demonstrating that you’re observant, reactive, and move with the times
  • Keep your brand in people’s minds and keep your company interesting to your regular customers
  • Let your staff feel trendy and fashionable in the workplace, while injecting some excitement back into their jobs, helping them feel more fired up to perform better

From colour to accessories, patterns and style, there are specific elements of fashion that stand out from season to season. Here are some ways you can bring a touch of on-trend style to your staff uniform this autumn and winter. 

Colour and accessories

When it comes to colour, red and blue are set to be big this year. The catwalks of late have been dominated by bold reds and ranges of blue. Depending on your business, budget, brand and style, you could be subtle with how you use these colours, or choose to feature them heavily in your staff workwear.

A health and beauty salon, for instance, could include a ladies’ one button tunic in red or cobalt blue. Men working in a high-street shop could opt for a bold red or teal blue long sleeve shirt, while a restaurant could add a splash of fashionable colour with a red popper strap apron. Trendy eateries could even try a more edgy and rustic style, with a blue denim apron, like a sleek square money purse or bib style apron. Accessories like this also fit well with current rustic trends in both fashion and interior design.

Alternatively, you could use accessories to add these on-trend colours to your staff uniform, so not to detract from the look and style of your brand. This could include a striking garnet red tie or cool crepe scarf for hotel staff. In terms of women’s accessories, belts, whether wide or slim, are at the height of fashion, with designers focusing more on emphasising the woman’s waistline. Teaming your company outfit with a classy leather belt could be a simple but effective way of making it more current and fashionable.

Seasonal Colours Tunic Uniform

Style and design 

If you’re a contemporary business looking to provide your female staff with some stylish suiting, now is the time to do it. Suits for women have populated recent catwalks, particularly grey suiting styles. You could put your own stamp on this growing trend with a ladies one-button charcoal jacket, teamed with matching slim leg trousers. Slim and tailored suiting is still very fashionable for men, so you could stretch the grey styles across the males in your team with a modern fit jacket and trouser.

On the more feminine front, the dress is making a return, while blurring the lines between day and nightwear. While the current daring and outlandish styles of the catwalk probably wouldn’t look right in a staff uniform, there are other styles that could work well for a day at the office and an event in the evening. This could include a slash neckline dress or stylish shift dress.

In terms of the latest on-trend patterns, check designs are becoming more popular this season. Clothing in checks have appeared on the catwalk and the high street for some time and are now appearing in different styles. You could follow this fashion by adding a check tie or scarf to your corporate uniform. Or you could take on the trend with a twist, by clothing your administration or reception team in a navy shard print open-collar blouse through the autumn and winter seasons. You could even team up a minimal print style blouse or shift dress, such as a softer black and white square pattern print, with a typical trendy autumn colour, like an orange blazer.

Colourful Blazer Workwear

Keeping your staff on trend with seasonal workwear 

Having your staff look on trend by donning the latest fashions of a season can catch the eye of your customers and clients, fit with your brand and company style, and help your company stand out from others in your business sector. At Simon Jersey, we are proud to provide workwear that fits current seasonal fashion trends that is:

  • Stylish, professional and practical – We translate current trends into comfortable workwear to continuously give your customers the best impression 
  • Tailored and personalised to suit your brand– You can choose colours of clothing that fit with the latest fashions and best match your brand. We can also personalise your uniform with your company name or logo 
  • Designed with industry knowledge and expertise – We have 45 years’ experience providing businesses with on-trend and stylish uniforms for their staff

If you’d like to take a look at the wide range of fashionable clothing we provide, which could be a good fit for your business, please take a look at our Shop By Product web page. Alternatively, please send us a catalogue request or contact a member of our dedicated team.