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Simon Jersey Blogger Collaboration – Alderley Suiting

We’ve been collaborating with fashion bloggers to bring our newest suiting collection to life. We wanted to get the valuable insights of some top fashion bloggers and see how they would style our newly launched suits, and they haven’t disappointed.

The Alderley suit is not only a comfortable, professional suit, but its styling is uber-fashionable too! We worked with 3 bloggers who have put their own twist on business wear, adding pieces from their own wardrobe to pull together stylish on trend outfits that our customers can recreate themselves.

Remi chose the Alderley slim fit jacket, slim fit trousers and waistcoat in blue stripe, and paired them with a long sleeve white shirt, black spotted tie, silver watch and bracelet. This is a great example of how to classically style a suit, with little details to make it unique to you. By adding statement accessories, you can show off your personal style in the office, or the racecourse.

We asked Remi for his thoughts on his new suit, “Dressing to make a style statement and getting it right relies on your suit boasting two key attributes: a memorable aesthetic and next-level quality. When I wear my Simon Jersey suit, everything else falls into place. For me, suits are a visual extension of your personality. My Alderley suit is incredibly well-made, perfectly fitting and eye-catching.”

“A versatile suit that can be worn to the office as well as for an occasion, as I did for Cheltenham Races. You really can get the perfect fitting suit without breaking the bank, Simon Jersey prove that”

Maryam selected the black Alderley women’s suit, pairing her one button jacket with a pair of slim leg trousers. As a modest style blogger Maryam really injected her personal style into her suit, she wore a black head scarf, sunglasses, a beautiful silver broach and a belt which she styled over the top of her suit jacket adding texture and creating a feminine silhouette.

This look is a perfect example of how to bring together corporate wear, modest dressing and fashion, proving that just because you wear a suit to work it doesn’t mean you have to leave your personal style until the weekend.

Maryam loved her pieces and commented “They are really true to size and fit perfectly, definitely a very high-quality product, which I will recommend to everyone looking for quality suit set. I love the style of the trousers and suit, they’re very trendy and classy.”

Bushra decided to style the grey Alderley women’s one button jacket and slim leg trousers. Grey is a staple colour in everyone’s wardrobe, it makes a refreshing change from black and navy and gives you more options for your working wardrobe. Bushra wore a white ruffle blouse and a pair of nude heels with her suit, this is perfect way to style for work when you have a tight dress code.

Many companies require their employees to wear a more formal business wear especially when working in customer facing positions, Bushra’s outfit would fit in in a corporate environment but still carries little hints of her personal taste.

Bushra said, “The Alderley Collection is the working fashionistas dream! Love how sleek & well-made it is. The material is of high quality & is so breathable that I was comfortable throughout the day. I was turning heads wherever I went in my new suit!”

There are so many different and unique ways you can add your own personal touches to your workwear, even if you work in an office with a strict dress code there are subtle ways you can convey your personality. Wear a pair of coloured heels, or a patterned tie and chunky silver watch, any little details you feel could elevate your outfit is worth adding.

To browse the full Alderley suiting collection, visit our website or contact our customer services team on 03444 994414 if you need any extra help and advice. Also check out our blogger’s Instagram accounts for more inspiration – @Bushra @itsmaryamsalam