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Uniform essentials for front of house staff


When thinking about uniform essentials for your front of house team, it’s important to choose those that create the right look for your business.

Whether you’re putting together the uniform for your hotel reception staff, or the hosting team of your high-end restaurant, we aim to explain what essentials you should keep in mind for your front of house uniform.

Uniform essentials to consider first 

A primary focus for front of house staff is to always look their best and make a good impression on customers. Being a customer’s first point of call, their appearance should also show off your business in the best possible light. This could be a concierge or reception team welcoming guests to a five-star hotel, or a host or hostess taking a couple to their table at a small, intimate restaurant.

When first thinking about what your uniform essentials should be for these types of roles, you should consider clothing that:

  • Achieves a smart, classy and professional look, day in, day out
  • Stands out and leaves a positive, lasting impression on customers
  • Provides comfort to help staff do their jobs to the best of their abilities

Uniform essentials that could achieve this for men working front of house in a top hotel includes tailored suiting that creates a contemporary look and style. This could consist of a crisp, white, cotton shirt, stylishly overlaid with a modern fit jacket and paired with flat front modern fit trousers. For women, an elegant, stylish shift dress or slash neck blouse, paired with slim leg trousers and a notch neck jacket could create a strong, striking and feminine look. Choosing suiting in bold colours, like electric blue, can also help your front of house uniform make a statement and stand out.

In addition, a concierge jacket can create a sophisticated and iconic look for your hotel doorman, while providing comfort and warmth when working long hours outside. You could also consider a stylish long sleeve mandarin collar shirt or blouse to fit the style of your restaurant’s waiting team.


Uniform essentials for branding

The style and colours of your front of house uniform can be chosen to reflect your company branding. This could be the colours of your hotel brand or the style of your restaurant logo. Your uniform essentials can be clothing that helps to enhance your brand further, making sure your staff stand out to your customers as well as being memorable.

This could include a bright one-button jacket or a boldly coloured long sleeve shirt for male staff, which matches the core colour of your hotel brand. Or your female staff could wear an elegant slash neck blouse in a print or colour that fits with the colours of your company logo. Alternatively, a contemporary, bold, blue suiting waistcoat, which has a similar style to your modern, slick restaurant branding, could be a good match for your waiting staff.

Uniform essentials for accessorising  

Accessories can be essential for giving your front of house uniform that finishing touch. They can add a striking element to a look to help your staff stand out more to guests or customers, while enhancing your branding further.

A brightly coloured polyester tie or cool crepe neck scarf, for instance, can help your male and female staff stand out to guests of a busy hotel reception. Patterned ties and scarfs can also be chosen to subtly tie in with the colours of your company branding. Smaller accessories could also be selected to complement a stylish or formal front of house look. This could include a black leather belt for women or silver cufflinks for men.


Helping you provide uniforms for your front of house staff

Uniform essentials should be selected to create a polished and memorable look for your front of house team. It’s also a good idea to consider core clothing and accessories that bring sophistication and style with comfort, while enhancing your company brand.

At Simon Jersey, we are proud to provide uniforms for front of house staff that:

  • Are on-trend, stylish and practical – We translate current trends into comfortable workwear, which looks good all day, every day 
  • Can be personalised for your team– We can personalise your uniform with your company name or logo. Just send us the details and we’ll handle the rest 
  • Have been made with expert knowledge – We have 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing uniforms across the hospitality sectors

To learn more out about the range of uniforms we provide for front of house staff, please take a look at our Front of House Uniforms page. Alternatively, send us a request for a catalogue or get in touch with a member of our dedicated team.