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Uniform essentials for healthcare staff


Healthcare staff in any kind of business have a lot of needs to consider when it comes to wearing an effective uniform that leaves patients feeling comfortable, while leaving staff professional and fit for purpose throughout the day. Simon Jersey take you through some considerations on uniform essentials for your healthcare staff.

Reassuring style from the start

Heading into any healthcare business as a patient can be quite uncomfortable to some people, especially if it’s a sudden and unplanned visit.

However, a professional-looking uniform can be a helpful first step towards reassuring any patient that they’re in great hands. So, for your reception staff, consider uniform elements such as a brightly coloured long sleeve button-up shirt with a complementary tie. Bright colours will help put any concerned patients at ease through the welcoming and friendly feeling it suggests to them.

Starting off on the right foot will also help patients stay confident that every other interaction with the staff in your business will be equally as professional and reassuring, leading to a better, and easier, time for both the patient and your staff going forward.

Managerial style

A sense of hierarchy and individual leadership is always useful. So perhaps, for the upper management staff in your business, you could invest in a black polywool two button suit jacket, worn over a plain black shirt. By seeing such a professional image around the business, it’ll help show patients that you and your staff care about running the business well while the managerial staff make their way around.


Different teams with different needs

In a healthcare business, uniforms for the nursing and care staff are likely to be quite similar across the board regardless of what service you provide. This is because uniforms in the healthcare industry have to meet certain standards and regulations.

For example, to ensure that your uniform can stand up to all the rigours of the job and remain fit for purpose, they will need to be made from infection control compliant material, to reduce the risk of transporting disease and illness around, and they need to be able to withstand a powerful industrial strength washing cycle daily, to ensure the uniform is spotless ready for the next morning.

Scrubs and tunics are perfect for ensuring that your staff remain professional at all times, while making sure they’re able to meet the needs of the job.

If you provide a wide range of healthcare services in your business, such as youth specific care, mental health care, elderly patient care, and so on, then you could consider using different colour scrubs for each team to help make staff from each service easily identifiable. This is especially useful for elderly dementia patients, as the bright colours of a uniform can help create a contrast against their surroundings, drawing attention to the staff that are on hand to help.


Helping you put together the perfect healthcare uniform

At Simon Jersey, we are proud to provide a range of healthcare uniform clothing that can meet any business need, while guaranteeing that they can last through the toughest shift. Our range of uniform solutions are:

  • Made with expert knowledge – We have 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing workwear of all shapes and sizes
  • Easy to care for – Most of our garments are machine washable and made to last
  • Styled for everyday practicality – We test our fabrics to ensure they provide durability and day-to-day comfort

To find the uniform solutions that are perfect for your business and staff, you can take a look at our wide range of healthcare uniforms. Alternatively, send us a request for a catalogue or get in touch with a member of our team.