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Uniform essentials for receptionists

receptionist open collar blouse

From the reception of a medical centre to that of a contemporary business, here are some key ideas for uniform essentials that could suit your company receptionists.

What to think about when creating a receptionist uniform  

When putting together a receptionist uniform, you should consider clothing that does several things. It should:

  • Look good, smart and sophisticated, gaining respect while being welcoming
  • Reflect your team, brand, tone and style of your business
  • Be comfortable to wear and provide efficiency during long shifts standing up

Within each of these three factors, there are different designs, styles and colours of clothing that can work best for your receptionist team, depending on your business. 

Making the right impression

As mentioned, a receptionist is often the first person a customer sees after they walk through the entrance of a company. So the first impression they give, from the way they look and are dressed, is crucial.

Whether a receptionist for a corporate business or a medical centre, the impression a person gets of a business can be taken from that of the receptionist or reception team. It’s therefore important that they look good, smart and professional. Their uniform should stand out and look welcoming, so people know who to approach – for instance, to let a surgery know they’ve arrived for their appointment. Their clothing should also suggest authority to gain respect, whether from customers, patients or visitors.

Uniform essentials that can achieve this and work well for women in receptionist roles, such as in healthcare, are patterned blouses in a tie neck style. These blouse designs are smart and sophisticated, while being striking and feminine. The look could be complemented with a sleek black skirt or stylish slim leg trousers. A good look for a male receptionist, which helps them stand out while suggesting sophistication and authority, could include a smart, white, long sleeved modern fit shirt, teamed with modern fit trousers and a striking striped polyester tie. 

Receptionist uniform pleat front blouses

Reflecting your business and brand 

Based at a business’s entrance ­– a public-facing, key area of most company buildings – a receptionist can be the face of a business, representing its image, style and brand. So, depending on your business, your receptionists should come across in a certain way. For instance, a uniform for a healthcare clinic receptionist should look professional and serious, as well as friendly and approachable. This could help promote a trustworthy, clinical environment, while making people feel relaxed and comfortable. A receptionist for a contemporary trendy business, on the other hand, might require clothing to make them appear focussed, forward thinking and fashionable. Your receptionist uniform could also reflect the style and colours of your team or company branding.

An elegant black and white patterned pleat front blouse could be ideal for a female receptionist in a clinical or medical environment, while the same style in a striking hot pink or blue pattern, could reflect the tone and style of a modern, contemporary company. Alternatively, you could select a wrap front blouse or open collar style in the single core colour of your company team or brand, like grey, plum or teal. A classic light blue or white long sleeved Oxford shirt, teamed with a tie in your branded colours, could also suit a male receptionist.

Providing comfort and efficiency

Receptionists often work for long hours on their feet as they book in people when they arrive for their appointments and carry out day-to-day admin. Uniforms should therefore be comfortable and designed to allow them to do their daily jobs to the best of their abilities.

Clothing and footwear that provides comfort and ease of movement, while creating a smart, professional look, is essential. This could include a stylish but light, cool crepe blouse, boot cut trousers that give stretch, and comfortable court shoes that offer stability for long periods of time. An airy, classic cut, cotton and polyester short sleeve shirt, matched with front pleat trousers for good movement and leather brogues for stability, could also suit men working on a reception team. relaxed stylish receptionist blouses

Helping you provide uniforms for your receptionists

Your receptionists’ uniform should be selected to give the right first impression, while reflecting your business and providing staff with the comfort needed to do their daily work well.

At Simon Jersey, we are proud to provide uniforms for receptionists that:

  • Are stylish, professional and practical – We translate current trends into comfortable workwear, which create the best impression every day 
  • Can be personalised to suit your business– You can choose colours of clothing that best reflect your brand, and we can personalise your uniform with your company name or logo 
  • Have been designed with expert knowledge – We have 45 years’ experience providing uniforms for many businesses that have receptionist roles

To take a look at some of the quality clothing we provide for receptionists, please take a look at our Shirts and Blouses web page. Alternatively, send us a request for a catalogue or get in touch with a member of our dedicated team.