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Using colour: Secrets from Starbucks

Last week, Starbucks revealed why you sometimes see its Baristas wearing different coloured aprons.

They’re famous for their green aprons, but intriguingly sometimes you see one person in a different colour. And it’s not at random, there are lots of reasons Starbucks does this.

Firstly, they use different colours as a way to single out their top performers. Black for ‘Coffee Master’ Baristas and purple for International Barista Champions. Make sure to order your morning coffee from one of these baristas if you spot them!

They also use colour to celebrate new products such as yellow when they launched a new tea range. Finally, they occasionally use them to celebrate seasonal events such as red for Christmas and orange for King’s Day in the Netherlands.

It’s a clever marketing trick that gains attention, helping to single out staff for praise or to create excitement around events.

It’s something any business can do with their own uniform, using colour to create interest.

Here we look at some of the ways you might do it:

Beauty and hairdressing

In a busy beauty salon there might be specialists offering certain services or juniors working alongside their more experienced colleagues. Use different colour sashes to help customers work out who’s who.


Hospitality teams can follow Starbucks’ example and use their aprons, or you can use embroidery on shirts and t-shirts in different colours to help customers pick out who they need.


In healthcare it’s important that patients know who they’re speaking to, ensuring they can be confident in the advice they’re receiving. Many of our customers in this sector use colourful tunics to denote both job role and seniority. You’ll frequently see this information displayed on hospital notice boards advising patients of the colour code.

Front of house and management teams

While the rest of the uniform can stay the same you can clearly show who’s in charge with the use accessories such as a coloured scarf or tie.

If you’re still not sure on the best way to inject some colour into your uniform speak to our experienced team by calling 03444 994414