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What footwear do I need for work?


Whichever industry you work in, your footwear should be a vital part of your staff uniform. For all lines of work, the right footwear will benefit your business in some fashion. It could be to ensure safety, to ensure comfort through the longest days in fast-paced industries, or simply to make a fashionable statement as a finishing touch to your company workwear.

We’ve put together this guide to help you figure out exactly what your business needs to look for in your staff’s footwear.

Practical considerations for your industry

When you’re choosing your work footwear, the first thing you should think about is how it can help you keep safe and injury-free throughout the working day.

You should always keep in mind the health and safety obligations that your industry has. For example, if you’re in the catering industry, you will need to make sure your footwear is sturdy enough to protect your feet or prevent slips and trips.

If you need the toughest of protection for your feet, steel toed boots are a useful option. However, there are other options available depending on your needs. The features the safety footwear can have include:

• Water-resistant material, which can keep your feet dry in the worst weather conditions, such as if you’re a gardening business working outside throughout the year.
• Slip-resistant soles, to help you stay upright and safe in any environment, such as reducing the risk of any liquid spills in a kitchen environment.
• Removable insoles, to help keep you comfortable through the longest of work days.

The wide range of features that safety shoes provide mean that they are a fantastic solution for any industry where protection is paramount.


 How to balance form and function equally

Sometimes. you don’t need footwear with such a strong focus on protection. What you may be looking for is a way to keep comfortable no matter what your industry is.

Whether you’re mostly desk-based, such as an accounting firm, or you’re up on your feet for long periods, such as working in a spa, you’ll need something lighter and more flexible to help you stay cool and comfortable.

For example, thanks to their 100% polyester design, our canvas pumps are tough enough to last through the longest shifts, but flexible enough to make sure your staff stay comfortable no matter what the job requires from you. If you’d like to present a more formal image to customers while still ensuring your comfort, our black ballet pumps are a fantastic solution, thanks to their sleek leather design, and cushioned insole. These can allow your staff to stay focussed on their job without pain and discomfort becoming an issue.


Helping you put together a uniform that works for your business

Whether it’s a safety-oriented environment such as a kitchen, a fast-paced healthcare environment that prioritises comfort, or a mix of style and comfort needed front of house, different industries will have their own considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the right footwear for their staff.

At Simon Jersey, we are proud to provide a range of footwear that is always up to the task regardless of industry. Our range of footwear is:

• Easy to care for – Most of our garments are machine washable and made to last
• Made with expert knowledge – We have 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing workwear of all shapes and sizes
• Styled for everyday practicality – We test our fabrics to ensure they provide durability and day-to-day comfort

To find the footwear solution that’s perfect for your business and staff, you can take a look at our wide range of footwear. Alternatively, send us a request for a catalogue or get in touch with a member of our team.