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How to Wear

What To Wear To A Business Meeting

Spring is just around the corner, so now couldn’t be a better time to update your business wear attire. Whether you need to look sharp for an interview, deliver a top-notch presentation or lead a board meeting, we have a wide range of business wear for all professional occasions.

Follow our guide covering men’s and women’s options, to make sure you look (and feel!) the part.

Casual business meeting
A casual business meeting allows you to wear not only something smart but also something that showcases your personality. While some may dress formal, follow these tips for success, and leave the scuffed up trainers at home.

For women
What to wear
Here at Simon Jersey, we have a wide range of gorgeous blouses in delightful Spring bright colours and prints. Our tie neck sleeveless blouse adds a feminine touch and looks great paired with either a classic pencil or fashionable A-line cut skirt. Alternatively, reach for a pair of slim leg trousers, tucking the hem of the top in. Available in four stunning colours, make a statement in plum or keep it simple in black.

How to wear it
Style your outfit with some delicate jewellery such as simple rings and a thin chain necklace. Team up with a light Spring coat in a neutral colour to keep out the chill, and clean court shoes to finish the look.

For men
What to wear
For a casual business meeting, a shirt and jumper combo is a safe option to look smart in. We have a great range of quality shirts in various lengths, fits, and styles including long and short sleeve, patterned and plain. A long sleeve shirt is perfect for cooler days and looks great worn under a v-neck jumper.

How to wear it
Finish your outfit with a smart shoe; brogues are always a safe option. Remember to give them a good brush or wipe the night before to avoid early morning cleaning panics.

Formal Meeting
When entering the boardroom, it is essential to look the part and convey ultimate professionalism. A well-fitted suit will not only allow you to look your best but will also convey confidence and presence amongst peers. Follow our styling tips for both men and women to deliver a knockout performance to the executive board.

For women
What to wear
Make a bold business statement in one of our women’s tailored suits from the Qualitas range. Available as a three-piece and in a range of colours, the suit will ensure you ooze confidence when delivering executive information. If trousers aren’t your style, we have a selection of skirts to complete your outfit. Team skirts with a pair of black tights on cooler days, or skin colour in the Summer months.

How to wear
Make sure your shirt is looking crisp and freshly laundered. Team your look with a comfy pair of court shoes to avoid the dreaded mid-presentation pinch.

For men
What to wear
The Qualitas Charcoal Chalkstripe 3 piece suit exudes stylish professionalism. Tailored to provide the perfect fit, the single-breasted jacket can be worn open or buttoned up. Paired with matching trousers, this suit is the ultimate power player in the boardroom.

How to wear
Finish your outfit off with silver cufflinks, a fresh leather belt, and matching shoes. A tie is essential, so pick out one that compliments your suit from our range.

Styling tips
Now you have nailed the look, check out our top styling tips for hair and makeup to complete the outfit.

Select the right size – Picking the right fit ensures you are feeling comfortable and avoids any mid-meeting clothes fidgeting. Ladies should check the lengths of skirts (no higher than 4 fingers above the knee), and trousers to make sure they work with a heel in good time to get them lengthened if needed.

Distraction free jewellery – Ladies try to leave big jewels and gems at home, and instead reach for delicate jewellery that doesn’t distract from the presentation or meeting. Jewellery should compliment your outfit, with simple rings and stud earrings being a good go-to option.

Final mirror checks – Keep a small mirror handy in your bag to check for stray hairs, smudged makeup, and food in teeth. These final checks will make you feel super confident to deliver.

And finally…
Take a deep breath! Boardrooms and presentations can be incredibly nerve-wracking, so mentally note to take a few deep breaths prior to commencing, to settle any nerves.