What you need from your winter workwear

March 19, 2018


While winter can bring with it extreme conditions, like very cold temperatures and icy winds, you’ll still want your team to work just as effectively during the season as through other times of the year. Providing your staff with the right clothing in winter is essential to ensure they work to the best of their abilities.

So what clothing do you need from your winter workwear? From creating layers to considering accessories, this blog explains.

Things to consider for your staff winter workwear

When providing workwear for your staff in the winter, there are different things you should keep in mind. This includes clothing that:

  • Can be layered with other clothing to add warmth, without compromising on comfort, like cardigans and bodywarmers
  • Covers and warms the body, like a sweatshirt, hoody or fleece jacket
  • Is made of thick fabrics like wool, or warm and comfortable materials, like polyester and softshell
  • Adds warmth to specific parts of the body, like hats and gloves 

Clothing to create layers

Providing your staff with clothing that can be layered is advisable in winter to help keep employees extra warm. It also provides them with the option of putting on or taking off a layer when working at different temperatures inside and outside. This include jobs in retail, where your team might work in interior spaces with good central heating, like on a shop floor, as well as areas with colder temperatures like in a warehouse or a cold store room.

Workwear for such roles could include a men’s V-neck jumper over a polo shirt, or a ladies semi-fitted V-neck cardigan over a long sleeve t-shirt. You could also provide the women of your team with some knitwear, like a ladies’ luxurious wool blend semi-fitted cardigan to wear over a classic cotton polo shirt. Another option for your male staff is a unisex classic softshell bodywarmer or men’s gilet. The sleeveless design provides both body warmth and allows for good movement in the arms, ideal for physical tasks.

Safety and warmth for workwear

Outerwear for colder temperatures

For those roles where staff are outside working in colder temperatures, like in construction or when unloading a delivery van early in the morning, it’s wise to provide your employees with good outerwear. This could include strong and thicker clothing that provides a good barrier against low temperatures on very cold days, like sweatshirts and hoodies.

Workwear for these types of environments also include fleece jackets with a two-layer construction, such as a soft shell outer layer and an inner layer of fleece. Your staff could be kept warm and comfortable with a polyester soft shell fleece jacket. Another option for men is a set-in sleeve sweatshirt, for additional warmth you could also add a trendy ringspun cotton Russell authentic hooded sweatshirt. A unisex PolarTherm fleece, made of 100% polyester and designed with elasticated cuffs, could also be a good option for both your male or female staff.

Hats and Gloves for WorkAccessories for extra warmth

During the winter, it’s important to keep all parts of the body as warm as possible, from the head to hands to toes. Accessories can help with this and stop your staff feeling the cold, so they can focus on the work they’re employed to do. This is especially important for those staff working outside for long periods of time, or travelling to and from different jobs, like on a construction site.

You could ensure your staff’s heads are kept warm with a 100% acrylic knitted fleece lined beanie hat. Or make sure their cold hands are warmed up with a 100% polyester pair of thinsulate suprafleece gloves, manufactured with anti-piling fleece fabric. A pair of work socks can also provide some good leg warmth and foot support when your staff are doing physically demanding tasks out in the cold.

Providing workwear for your staff this winter

Making sure your staff stay warm and comfortable when working during the winter season is essential for keeping them happy, healthy, and ensure they work to the best of their abilities. Layers of clothing, protective outerwear, and accessories for additional warmth, are some of the key things you should consider for your workwear this winter. At Simon Jersey, we provide winter workwear that’s:

  • Designed with industry expertise – We have 45 years’ experience providing businesses with uniforms well-suited to their industry and staff
  • Comfortable, professional and practical – We translate current trends into comfortable, practical and professional workwear that gives people the best impression 
  • Personalised to fit your brand– You can choose colours of clothing that best match your brand. We can also personalise your uniform with your company name or logo

If you’d like to take a look at some of the clothing we provide that’s ideal for winter, such as knitwear, sweatshirts, fleeces and jackets, please take a look at our Outerwear page. Alternatively, please send us a catalogue request or contact a member of our team.

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