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Why Chef Uniforms Are Important

When deciding what uniform to purchase for your kitchen staff, not only do you need to think about the practicality of what they are wearing, but also how it looks. If you have an open kitchen where your customers can see kitchen staff at work, it’s crucial that your brand aesthetic is represented appropriately. Today we’re sharing with you pieces from the Simon Jersey chef uniform range to give you inspiration for your kitchen staff workwear.

Chef Whites

A classic pair of chef’s whites are always a good choice. We have long and short sleeve options available in our unisex white chef’s jacket; a short sleeve would be more appropriate for working in a hot kitchen during the summer months, but a longer sleeve will keep your chefs better protected against cuts and burns. Your choice will mostly be made based on personal preference as well as the requirements of your team.

Many businesses have swapped the traditional chef whites in favour of black alternatives. White may be the standard for most chefs but black is great for longevity. Compared to white, black is less likely to stain with sauces and oils meaning your uniform will need replacing less often.

Chef Jackets

Our unisex black long sleeve chef’s jacket would be great for bigger kitchens that require a larger quantity of uniform; in the long run you’ll be saving money by keeping your uniform for longer. If you’d like something a little different from the norm, the Simon Jersey uniform department also offers long sleeve, pale grey denim chef jackets for men and women. The contemporary style will give your restaurant a refresh but has all the same practicality as the more traditional styles. The separate designs for men and women also creates a more flattering shape for your female chefs, which could be a better option if you have a higher number of female chefs. We suggest adding a pair of plain black drawstring chef trousers to complete the uniform.

Chef Trousers

We carry a number of different colours and patterns of chef trousers to meet your brand image requirements. Black is the most popular choice for chef trousers but, for a more stylish twist, why not choose a pair of gingham or check trousers? These would be great for creating a more modern look and would work well with any chef jacket you choose. The drawstring feature allows your chefs to adjust the trousers to their size and create a comfortable fit. This is an important quality that your team will appreciate; comfort is essential when working in a fast paced, hot environment as your chefs will be on their feet all day, so they need a functional uniform that won’t affect how they do their job.

Chef Aprons

Sometimes, depending on what type of cuisine your restaurant specialises in, it is necessary for chefs to wear an apron while on shift. For example, if your restaurant is Italian and your chefs are working with flour constantly, their uniform may need this extra layer of protection. Simon Jersey has a navy and white chef aprons for men and women, as well as a black and white striped chefs’ aprons. The long line design will act as a barrier against potential spillages and stains, but the striped pattern won’t look out of place in the kitchen.

Chef Uniform Accessories

When official health and safety guidelines stipulate that hair should be covered in the professional kitchen environment, Simon Jersey uniforms also cater to chef uniform accessories that include chef hats and bandanas. A simple black chef cap or white trilby hat will keep hair away from the face while also giving that finishing touch for your chef’s uniform. Similarly, our chef bandanas and neckerchiefs can be provided to staff as an easy-to-wear accessory in the workplace.

Take some time to browse through our complete chefswear range, or if you need help creating a complete kitchen uniform collection for your staff, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on 03444 994414. Buy high quality chef whites from Simon Jersey for extra peace of mind!