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Why it’s all in the finishing touches…

Find your style, define your look, and maintain a consistent brand image by personalising and embroidering your uniform and workwear. 

Adding uniform personalisation enhances your professional image, creating a unified look for your company and colleagues, with your brand at the heart of it. It can also help identify different team members or departments, internally and to your customers. 

Embroidery designs can be anything from simple single colour logos to highly intricate motifs with multiple colours. With the options available you can turn your uniform into a memorable piece of art.

Personalising your uniform for the first time can seem like an overwhelming process, so at Simon Jersey, we’ve made our process as straightforward as possible. If needed, our Customer Service team is ready to help via phone and email, making it easy to personalise your uniforms and workwear. 

No matter if you are a small business or a large organisation, personalised uniforms are available to all our customers. We know this time of year can be a busy and expensive period, so, to lend a little helping hand we’re running a fantastic offer throughout December


All quantities of embroidery orders are only £3.60 per item, with a £15.00 first-order setup fee. 

Explore our range of products. We have all areas covered: simply select from tunics, polos, scrubs, and aprons.

T-Shirt, Apron and tunic with embroidery

Create a uniform that is unique to you: Embroidered Workwear | Custom Workwear Personalisation | Simon Jersey

It’s all in the finishing touches…