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Workwear for busy periods

Branded Polos for UniformWhen it’s a busy time in your company, either because of peak trading periods, a product launch, or simply due to more people interacting with your business, you should ensure your staff can be easily identified. You should also make sure they can get through a hectic shift without their uniform letting them down.

So what should you keep in mind when putting together a workwear look that stays professional and effective during even the busiest periods?

Make staff stand out

When there’s more customers than normal, it helps to make sure you can clearly spot your staff amongst the hustle and bustle.

For example, on a shop floor it might be worth putting your staff in a brightly coloured, branded polo shirt.

This will help them to stand out, making it easier for you to identify staff and make sure people are covering the right areas of the shop floor in order to deal as many customers as possible.

Colourful Blazer Workwear

Highlight the right people in a hurry

Making your staff stand out not only benefits you but your customers too. When a store is busy, customers will want to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Being able to identify the right people to help them with queries or with a sale can be a major benefit to them, as it allows them to find a solution to their problem, instead of searching on a crowded shop floor for someone to speak to. So if your customers do have a problem, ensuring that people who can help stand out, like your senior members of staff, can be useful.

With senior staff one way to do this is to differentiate the uniform they have to your other staff, a suit jacket or different colour of shirt for example works well to make sure they stand out not only as staff but also as employees in a position of authority.

Making sure that your staff stand out not only makes life easier for everyone on your premises. It also means you can more effectively emphasise your brand. By standing out and appearing available to help, you can reiterate to customers that you’re ready and willing to help them.2

Staying comfortable

Aside from standing out, your uniform should also keep staff comfortable during even the busiest periods.

Think about your business specifically. When it gets busy, how do conditions change and how could your uniform accommodate this? Things to consider include:

Temperature – Do crowds make your workplace too hot? If so, you could consider lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep staff cool.

Pace – Is there more running back and forth on the shop floor and stockroom? Comfortable footwear can make this less of a burden for staff.

Wear and tear – Frequent moving, heavy lifting and hustle and bustle can be fairly demanding on a uniform. Using hard-wearing materials can ensure your uniform doesn’t become damaged and retains a professional look.

Keeping key considerations like these in mind can work wonders for creating a staff uniform that allows your staff to still look their absolute best, even at their absolute busiest.

How Simon Jersey can help you find the perfect staff uniform?

Creating a uniform look for your staff, which can stand up to even the busiest periods, isn’t as straightforward as many people would think. You have to consider the needs of each role and create something that suits the job your staff will be doing.

We provide a variety of styles and colours in our workwear options, meaning we can provide the perfect uniform for your business.

At Simon Jersey, we provide workwear that is:

  • Easy to care for – Most of our garments are machine washable and made to last
  • Made with expert knowledge – We’ve got more than 45 years’ experience providing brand-enhancing uniforms for teams of all shapes and sizes, including some of the world’s best-known brands
  • Tailored to you – We can personalise your uniform with your company name or logo to make your business stand out to all who see you

For a great example of hard-wearing, comfortable workwear, ideal for busy business periods, please visit our popular polo and t-shirt page. Alternatively, request a catalogue by filling in our form, or speak to a member of our team on 0370 4609 047 to chat about your individual uniform needs.