Trousers & Skirts

Day-to-day business requires clothing that allows good movement and efficiency for all kinds of work, whether you’re focused when sitting in a company meeting, or standing with confidence when leading a team. Our lines of trousers and skirts are designed with this in mind, alongside comfort and flexibility, sophistication and style.

The selection ranges from modern trousers to pencil skirts, available in a series of colours and styles. We also offer different styles for the more formal or contemporary office environment, such as classic front pleats for men and modern bootcut or stylish slim leg trousers for women.

Our range is designed to provide ease of wear and movement in the workplace when carrying out tasks, whether sitting, standing, or on the go. Garments are also machine washable and crafted with durability to give a great look in the office, day in, day out.


19 Item(s)

19 Item(s)