Healthcare, Medical and Nurses' Uniforms

Working in healthcare requires a combination of many strong skills to ensure that patients are tended to and treated as effectively as possible. This includes working at speed and under pressure, reacting to situations quickly on the ward, and staying clean and hygienic, all while looking presentable and as part of a competent team. At Simon Jersey, we provide healthcare, medical and nurses' uniforms to suit these requirements for a whole range of roles in the healthcare sector. This includes doctors and nurses for the NHS and for private healthcare, as well as dental and other practices.

From medical and maternity dresses to tunics and scrubs, our infection-control compliant range is designed to meet the key specifications required by nurses and carers for working in a medical environment, such as durability, flexibility and safety. We also offer a selection of business wear and clinical practice garments ideal for those roles outside the theatre.

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