HCA Tunics

Clothing that ensures safety, while providing practicality and comfort, is important for healthcare assistants in a care home. Our range of HCA tunics for men and women have been designed with a safety and practicality focus, while providing necessary comfort when working demanding shifts in a care home environment.

The selection is made with a series of features to meet health and safety regulations. This includes materials that are infection control compliant to help stop cross contamination and the spread of disease. They tunics also have concealed zips to prevent accidental catching and scraping when helping residents.

Fabrics are designed to provide good mobility when on the go and doing daily tasks, as well as durability and comfort to cope with working long shifts over time. The lines are also available in a series of colours and styles to fit with different care home uniforms and job roles and to provide coordination across your HCA teams.


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1-24 of 62