Clinical Practices Workwear

Working in a clinical practice can involve different key job roles, from patient enquires to advice and consultations to staff meetings. Simon Jersey understands that these different roles can require different clothing. So, we offer a range of practical workwear which aims to give your clinical practice a professional look, while bringing comfort and inspiring confidence.

The range consists of quality options for everyday tasks, meetings and formal patient consultations, such as shirts and blouses, clinical practice dresses and business wear. We also offer tunics for carrying out clinical tasks and hands-on work with patients, as well as trousers and footwear to support feet that are constantly on the move.

Materials are selected to provide mobility and comfort, ideal for practice staff working long shifts. Quality fabrics are also made to last and cope with demanding work, helping staff to always feel and look good for patients and colleagues alike.


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1-24 of 166