Clinical Practices Business Wear

The executive side of a healthcare environment is just as important as the practical side, and clothing for these roles is no different. Simon Jersey understands this and offers a range of clinical practice business wear, suitable for staff working in offices in a medical environment.

The lines are designed with a focus on quality that brings professionalism, efficiency and comfort, during long working hours.

From jackets, trousers and waistcoats for men and women to a series of professional skirts and business dresses, the range is ideal for staff working in administration roles. The products are also available in a series of styles, helping to create a polished look for your staff team.

Clothing is designed to provide comfort and good movement, whether sitting, standing, or on the go. Fabrics are also tested for durability, so you and your team can continuously bring a high-quality look to your clinical practice.


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1-24 of 29