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Our CSR Commitments


At Simon Jersey we fully recognise our responsibilities to the people we work with, the communities where we operate and the environment. Our aim is to lead the workwear industry in creating a more sustainable future.

We recognise that through our responsible business practices we help ensure that our customers can meet their ethical and environmental commitments too.

Responsible Sourcing

More than 1.2million garments are manufactured under our brand every year which means that sustainability is high on our agenda. We recognise that it’s our duty to ensure everything manufactured on our behalf is done in a way that’s respectful of the people who make it and the environment.

To ensure that we meet the highest standards we have adopted a code of standards based on the ETI Base Code. We audit any new supplier at the start of our relationship with them and at regular intervals to ensure ongoing compliance with human rights, labour rights, anti-corruption measures and environmental responsibility.

We grade suppliers from level 1 to 5 and all potential suppliers must have already achieved level 3 before any contract is awarded. Where there are improvements to be made we provide support and advice on how to meet our top level standards, benefitting the people who work there and the local communities in the long term. We also regularly visit suppliers to ensure standards are maintained and see the results of any improvements. In addition to this, suppliers in Bangladesh, which is considered an at-risk country, must also be signed up to the Accord on Fire and Building Safety.

We believe in freely sharing our information which is why we’re members of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and expect all of our suppliers to register, complete the self-assessment questionnaires and also share their audit results freely online.

Simon Jersey is committed to ensure that all suppliers and subcontractors within the Supply Chain, with which Simon Jersey has a direct (contractually regulated) business relationship, shall sign our Code of Conduct Compliance Commitment, participate in our Code of Conduct Compliance Scheme and acknowledge our Labour Standards Assurance System.

Our Head Office

We’ve held the Investors in People standard since 1999 for the management and development of our team. In 2016 we were thrilled to achieve the bronze level standard, held by only a small number of organisations in the UK. Next year we plan to aim for the silver level award.

Last year we were also awarded the OHSAS:18001 standard for our commitment to health and safety issues. Our work towards this standard led to improvements in all areas of the business and best in class standards for the safety of our team at work. Our business success depends upon people and therefore we are strongly committed to meeting not only our legal obligations under current and any future legislation in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but to our moral obligation to following good practices in the identification and implementation of the measures needed to control any risks associated with activities.

Read more about our Social Compliance Policy.

Environmental Commitments

Reducing our impact on the environment is incredibly important to us and we have recently achieved the ISO:14001 standard for our environmental management system. We have worked towards this standard for the last year and our achievements include training for all staff, a 23% reduction in energy usage, 33% reduction in paper use and 0% of our waste now goes to landfill. In addition, our despatch boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and our catalogue is made from FSC certified paper.

Local Community

As part of the business community in Lancashire for more than 45 years we’re keen to support local groups where we can. Recent projects include supplying a new uniform to Rossendale Hospice which reached out to us for support in replacing uniform that was up to nine years old. We’ve also provided sports kits to local schools as part of the legacy of our work with Team GB and encouraging the next generation of sports people.

We also donate unsold uniforms to charities and organisations that can give them to people in need. We regularly give suiting and separates to Suited & Booted and Smart Works which both provide interview outfits to people in the UK aiming to get back into work.

Recently, we also provided healthcare tunics to Inter Care and Safe Africa which provide medical equipment to health centres in different regions of Africa.