July 2016

The final countdown to Rio 2016 is now well and truly underway as ‘kitting out’ has begun at Birmingham’s NEC.

Kitting out is when every athlete in the team receives their full kit for the Olympic Games, including their formal suits and outfit for the closing parade from Simon Jersey as well as their sportswear for competitions and training.

It takes athletes nearly a full day to be fitted for all of their kit, and we have built a full-scale tailors’ shop on site where we can perfectly fit each athlete’s suit to size. Our range includes four different length options to achieve an ideal fit and we have two full-time tailors on site to tweak and perfect the suit to ensure every athlete looks and feels their best.

Once they’ve found their ideal sizes athletes are also invited to try out our ‘magic mirror’. This lets athletes see how the suit looks and then takes a picture of them wearing it. Some of the famous faces who’ve been first to try it out include Jess Ennis-Hill, Tom Daley and the Brownlee brothers.

Kerrie Medlicott, Simon Jersey marketing director, said: “Kitting out is when it all becomes real for the athletes. It’s one of the final events they’ll come to as a team before getting on the plane to Rio.

“We wanted to make their experience as special as possible before sending them on their way. The reaction to the suits so far has been great and it’s fantastic to see athletes like Jess and Tom wearing their Simon Jersey outfits with pride.

“We’ve also included a few surprises in the outfits for the closing parade which the athletes love and we can’t wait to unveil them on 21st August.”

The formal suits that Simon Jersey has designed will be worn for events such as the ambassador’s reception in Rio. The lining of the jackets includes messages of support from the nation’s children following a competition that we ran last year.

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