Workwear Polos and T-Shirts

Different physically demanding jobs can require clothing that provides an extra layer for both comfort and warmth and for cooling off too. Simon Jersey is proud to provide a range of workwear polos and T-shirts, ideal for tasks like this.

The range comes in a series of sizes, colours and styles. This includes classic, fit and stretch designs for both male and female staff, as well as long sleeve designs. The lines can be worn as an underlayer to clothing or as a key part of your staff’s uniform. There are also many colours available that could fit with your brand, from softer colours to more vibrant tones.

Our lines are made to provide ease of movement and comfort during long shifts, while ensuring a good professional look. This include features such as flat-knit collars and lightweight fabrics to keep your team cool during more strenuous tasks.


23 Item(s)

23 Item(s)