Light Casuals, T-Shirts

Sometimes your team’s workwear might require an extra underlayer to keep them warm, or allow them to strip down to cool off after doing physically demanding roles. A T-shirt can provide your team with an additional layer of clothing that suits types of work like this.

At Simon Jersey, we provide a range of quality T-shirts for working in different environments, including stylish long-sleeve designs for extra comfort and warmth. Our selection includes round-neck and V-neck designs to suit men and women, as well as a range of styles, such as classic, fitted and stretch. This allows you to provide your staff with the style that they feel most comfortable and confident.

Our lines are designed with quality and comfort in mind. This includes T-shirts with design details such as taped necks and rolled-forward shoulders, which are ideal for layering and provide a better fit and look.


18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)