In roles where work is physically demanding, being able to move comfortably and quickly is important, whether your staff are crouching on a roof top, standing to cut materials or carrying construction equipment. At Simon Jersey, we provide a range of quality workwear trousers, ideal for such tasks, from the biggest brands.

Our selection for both men and women include trade, action and work trousers, ideal for different physical jobs. From men’s super-work lines to heavy-duty multi pockets and unisex cargo styles, they are designed for work efficiency, comfort and good movement.

Trousers are made with strong materials and designed with features to make your staff work more effectively, such as practical pockets and tool holders. We are also proud to have quality brands lead our trouser lines, including Blaklader, JCB, and Dickies, as well as Snickers and Regatta Professional.


23 Item(s)

23 Item(s)