When it comes to workwear, it’s important to ensure clothing is sufficient, lasts, stands up to all weathers and meets your business’s needs. At Simon Jersey, we provide quality lines from a range of top workwear brands that deliver across all these areas.

This includes quality brands like Blaklader, JCB and Result, as well as Dickies and Regatta Professional. They have been selected based on quality, durability and a strong reputation, as well as our aim to make our customers’ teams look the part and ensure they work to their best abilities. From work trousers to shell jackets, gilets to hoodies, there are a wide range of branded clothes to choose from.

The impressive stylish lines are made with the most effective materials for demanding jobs, especially for working outside in challenging environments. This includes wind-resistant designs and water-repellent fabrics, amongst their branded recognisable styles.


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1-24 of 59